The new iPads and iPhones run on iOS 14. Despite the possibilities, the new iPhones have a limitation in setting the headphone volume. Many smartphone owners did not particularly like the innovation.

Does music volume affect hearing levels?

Disable and remove volume limits in IOS 14

Most older adults have hearing problems due to many years of work in factories, factories and other fields. Nowadays, there are those among today’s youth who complain of hearing loss. A frequent reason for its loss is the constant listening to music at maximum volume. Other reasons include aging or poor hygiene. When listening to music through headphones and poor hygiene, hairs in the inner ear are damaged. You do not need to go to a health center to get your hearing tested. You can check it yourself at home. The level of hearing acuity is measured in decibels of the lower hearing threshold:

  1. With habitual hearing, the NPS does not exceed 25 dB.
  2. With mild hearing loss, the NPS is 26-40 dB.
  3. Impaired hearing loss. NPC is 41-60 dB.
  4. With severe hearing loss, the NPS is 61-80 dB.
  5. With complete hearing loss, the NPS exceeds 80 dB.
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At what volume can you listen to music?

Hearing is affected by loud and harsh sounds. Hearing can also be impaired by prolonged exposure to moderate noise. For this reason, Apple uses special algorithms when setting the volume. The WHO established the algorithms; they do not increase the volume of the music above the set.

How does iPhone set the optimum volume level?

The new models of smartphones running on IOS 14 have a built-in noise meter. It is used to set the volume limit. The user will not be able to track the volume of the music. A smartwatch can alert the wearer when the music volume is exceeded.

iPhone Music Drying Statistics

Disable and remove volume limits in IOS 14

In addition to restrictions, the smartphone calculates the maximum possible load on the ears. Statistics are updated every 7 days. You need to go to the “Health” application to the “Hearing” section to view it. If the established norms are exceeded, the music volume will be reduced.

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How do I change the volume settings?

Based on an algorithm established by WHO, the safe volume level is 74 dB. To change the limitation, you need to go to the “Headphone Security” tab, located in the settings.

Can I turn off the restriction on iPhone?

Deactivation of restrictions depends on the country of residence. When using a smartphone purchased from the official Apple online store, you need to go to the settings to remove the restriction. Next, you need to go to “Sounds and tactile signals” and click on “Headphone security” in this section, there will be a switch for headphones. When you turn off the switch, the restrictions will be removed. When using an iPhone of American and European production, the volume limit cannot be removed since no special switch exists in such models. In this case, you can raise the clipping level to 100 dB.

Do you change the volume settings for listening to music?


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