Most platforms, applications, and websites require us to provide the email address to register and use their services. This makes our mailbox full of spam, newsletters, and dispensable emails that bury important emails in the inbox. An excellent way to curb this spam festival is to use a temporary email account.

There are currently several solutions, being YOPmail one of the most interesting. Let’s see how it works and what advantages it offers when managing one-time email addresses. Let’s get to the mess!

How YOPmail works?

As we discussed, YOPmail is a service that offers temporary and disposable email addresses. It allows us to use any address and access your inbox, even if another user uses the address we have chosen.

How to Create Temporary, Disposable Email Accounts

A great tool comes when we have to provide an email address for anything, and we do not want to use our personal email. Unlike other conventional mail services, YOPmail is not private or password-protected, so we should only use it for “use and throw away” situations (of course, always avoiding that the content of the emails includes personal information or important data).

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Another of the essential features of YOPmail is that it does not require any configuration. The moment we need to use a temporary email account, enter a random address that ends in, and we will have the job done. Of course, all emails received in the mailbox are automatically deleted after 8 days.

How to Create Temporary, Disposable Email Accounts

How to create a temporary email account with YOPmail?

As the platform works, in theory, we could use these temporary emails without even having to enter the website. However, some services that we find on the Internet require validating the email account -or they may even send us a download link to the mailbox, so we will likely need to access the inbox at some point.

For these cases, we have two options:

  • We enter and in the left margin of the screen, where it says “Type the Email name of your choice” we write our mail and click on the arrow icon.
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How to Create Temporary, Disposable Email Accounts
  • We can also write directly in the address bar of the browser the address “com/xxx” where xxx corresponds to the email we want to use. Automatically the system will load the inbox of that mailbox (remember that no authentication is necessary).
How to Create Temporary, Disposable Email Accounts

If we use a very common name for our temporary email, it is probably already in use. In that case, we will see that the mailbox is full of spam and emails of all kinds. If we want to use an address that is not in use, it is best to opt for long, uncommon names or random combinations of letters and numbers.

Given the nature of the service, user privacy is non-existent, so it is recommended not to enter any information in the emails that may unmask our identity in the real world.

Disadvantages of using this type of service

Many pages and platforms are trying to prevent their users from using disposable email addresses. You can imagine: information is power, and nowadays, nobody is interested in having a temporary email address in their database.

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For this reason, we may find that some website does not accept addresses as valid. To address this issue, the company has created several alternate domains:

When we find ourselves in a blocking situation of this type, we only have to use any of these domains. The emails will automatically be redirected to the corresponding address


In short, YOPmail is an excellent tool to avoid spam and protect our privacy and online identity. YOPmail is the easiest way to Create Temporary, Disposable Email Accounts online.


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