Whether you’re selling a product, service, or event, running Facebook ads could help you reach more audiences, resulting in higher participants and sales. However, running an ad isn’t a walk in the park as you need to take various factors into consideration.

As you run an ad on Facebook, you need to ensure that it’ll work and provide you with your goal. Asking for help from professionals with an outstanding review of their services to do the advertising for you would be great. But knowing how the magic works would surely be beneficial for your end. To guide you, below are some ways to create Facebook ads that work: 

Know Your Audience 

Knowing your audience is one way to ensure that you create effective ads for your business. Choosing the right audience means that your ads reach people you think will be interested in your post. These people will have a higher chance of clicking and interacting with your ads.

When creating ads, Facebook has an option for setting up the location, demographics, interests, behavior, and even connections. With these options, you can target a specific location, say you have something to offer, or have a product that you can sell in that area. You can also determine which age group your post would be directed to. You can also target whether their interests on Facebook match your page’s niche.

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Setting these options can help you focus on a specific audience that fits your content. Don’t worry if these seem confusing and complex to you because you can also take a course with complete Facebook fundamentals training to fully understand how this works and how to properly set up your ads to find the right audience and maximize your reach.

Choose The Right Type 

Choosing the right type of ad to use is another way to ensure that your ads are helpful and that you’re not just burning your pocket. Facebook allows you to create ads of different types, so you need to ensure that you’re using the ad type that fits your purpose. Whether you’re selling an item, offering a service, promoting your brand, or trying to get a lead, choosing the right type for your ad will make your post more effective. You don’t want your audience to be confused when viewing your ads. 

As you create the perfect Facebook ad type, your choice can dictate the success and failure of your ads. If you want to showcase items that you want to sell, opting in on carousel ads would be helpful since it allows you to display multiple products, and you can even use up to 10 images or videos.

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You can also use video poll ads which are helpful when you’re trying to increase brand awareness. These video poll ads allow your post to be interactive between you and your audience since they have an option to answer the poll while watching your video. Make sure to select the proper ad type for better results.

How To Create Facebook Ads That Work

Create Engaging Captions 

Creating ads with engaging captions increases your audience’s chance of interacting with your post. It also helps build your social media presence since you’re building a relationship with your audience, making them a fan of yours. Making sure that your ads promote and interact with your future followers can be helpful since they can see that you’re not only shoving whatever you’re upgrading to them, but you’re also interested in building a relationship with them.

Take the time to compose a better caption for all your ads. Although if you’re adding an image or video to your ad, make sure that your caption matches what you’re showing. You don’t want them to be confused when they read something different from what you show in the image or video. 

Use Better Images

Images are the one thing your audience sees when scrolling on their devices. Creating and using better images for your ads will surely make them stop scrolling and take the time to check out your ad. This also allows you to have a chance to check out your post and probably be engaged as well. Images that catch your audience’s eyes would be compelling but make sure you use images that match whatever you’re promoting. You don’t want to use an out-of-place image to lead them to your post. 

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Remember to keep it clean and straightforward. You don’t want your audience to be confused with a photo with too many interest points. Make sure to highlight the most important thing about what you’re promoting. Moreover, don’t try to flood your image with texts and try to keep them to a minimum as much as possible. 

Keep It Short 

The shorter, the better. Ads that are too long can be pretty dull to others, making them skip past your ad. Making it short doesn’t mean your ad won’t do well. Keep in mind that if you’re going to make it short, make sure that it’s something worthwhile and has great value to it. 

Should you want to post and use more extended captions, reel them in with a captivating first sentence, to get them hooked as soon as they start reading your ad.


Creating a successful Facebook ad will be a continuous trial and error process. As you study your demographics, audience, ad type, and content, you need to see which has a better match and would attract your audiences better. While it might be a costly process, knowing where to start would certainly be a big help.


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