Creating a dating application is never simple. The process becomes even more difficult when you factor in cross-platform outcomes. However, if you’re set on creating an app that everyone can use, you need to figure out why and how to create it. We’re going to show you some of the best programming languages and frameworks to utilize while trying to create a multi-platform dating application!

Why You’ll Want to Build a Cross-Platform Dating App

Before we even get started looking at the “how” of creating a cross-platform dating app, we must consider the “why.” We have come up with several reasons why you’ll want to go through this difficult development process.

1. Your app will attract more users

You are building the app to make money and help people at the same time. An app that can garner twice the audience can bring you twice the money with half the development time of doing an app for multiple platforms, like Android and iOS. These two are split almost evenly as the most common platforms that people use for mobile apps. 

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2. A niche site can benefit more people

Another benefit of developing a cross-platform app is that niche dating services can help more people. People look for websites that can offer them a specific, beneficial outcome. The Together2night is a dating service where people can meet others who are looking for new relationships. The dating site’s niche is already smaller than most dating sites, so you need every available person to come to your service if you want to be highly profitable. Furthermore, you’ll want to increase the reach of the dating site simply because it can help people. Doing the right thing will help your brand gain recognition and make users think fondly of you.

3. You’ll build your skillset for future projects

Due to the niching down of dating sites, the first app you create will probably not be the last. Learn the skills to offer your dating service on a cross-platform, and you will gain the ability to easily make your next app.

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These are three great answers for why you want a cross-platform dating app.

Features to Integrate into Cross-Platform Dating App

When you are still in the planning phase of your dating service, you need to think about the features to integrate into your dating app.  Many of the features that you’ll want to integrate into your dating app are common sense. They include things like:

  • Fast logins that are tied to their social media accounts for increased security and authentication
  • Geolocation
  • A strong matching algorithm that will help people find a match with many characteristics
  • Push notifications
  • Private chat capabilities

These features are the must-haves for modern dating applications, so they must be found on your service.

The Best Programming Languages to Use for Cross-Platform Development

Coding cross-platform dating services is wrought with difficulty. The best languages to use are those that are balanced in the sense that they’re not native to a specific operating system or device but still versatile enough in the right hands. The code must be sharable, cost-effective, and have great UI/UX. The best languages to make this possible are:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
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With these three languages, you can code the app in a highly versatile way. That doesn’t mean the process is going to be simple, though.

Helpful Frameworks to Utilize for App Development

The entire notion of using a framework for cross-platform development is to reduce the friction from using the app on one system and another. Some of the existing frameworks for app development are better at this than others, of course. We have identified several frameworks that are most likely to give you the results you desire. Consider using:

  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • QT
  • Next.js
  • Express.js
  • Node.js

These are just some of the most beneficial frameworks when it comes to developing cross-platform apps. They’re not the only ones you should consider when putting these plans into action; find ones who work best with your developers’ skill sets.

Developing a dating app is no small feat, and the difficulty is ramped up when you’re developing it for cross-platform usage. You have to sit down and put some serious thought into considering your goals for the dating service before you begin. You can’t just match into the development center with a wish list. Before the first keystroke of code, you should already know what you’re going to offer customers, the niche of the dating service, and the skills of everyone involved in the project to see what languages and frameworks they can use to get the development underway. Creating a competitive dating app isn’t too difficult as long as your team is willing to put in the work!


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