Telegram is a popular messenger. It is installed in almost every person. Every day, hundreds of channels on various topics appear on its open spaces. Some of their authors share their thoughts, while others try to gain more subscribers to make money later. In any case, every author of the channel would like to know about his creation? as many people as possible. How do you make the channel famous then?

Features of creating a channel in Telegram

Choosing a name

Channel naming should be simple, bright, and informative. At the same time, if you plan to make a Telegram group for an audience from Russia, then it is better to write its name in Russian. However, it is best not to use unknown characters and hard-to-understand punctuation.

External design

Next, you need to decide on the appearance of the channel. The typography must be excellent, and users can consume the information from the channel with maximum convenience. General visual recognition is only welcome.

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It would be best if you also chose a thematic avatar for the channel. It should be selected so that it is easy to distinguish the group from others by it, even if the messenger is opened on a mobile phone. It would help if you did not choose difficult pictures and write many words on the avatar.

If the group plans to publish pictures, then this process should be treated with caution. It is better to think in advance about the integrity of the visual concept and follow it impeccably. Then each post made will be associated by subscribers with a specific channel.

Features of creating a channel in Telegram

Hygiene typography

When designing posts, you should be careful with typographic cleanliness. The text must be readable, free of spelling and punctuation errors. To make the information easier to perceive, it is better to separate paragraphs with empty lines. If you intend to add a hyperlink, then make it short. Do not use hyphens “-” instead of dashes “-,” and also these quotation marks “” instead of these. ” Also, it would help if you did not highlight all the main thoughts with emoticons unless, of course, the channel is created exclusively for a children’s audience.

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Launch and the need to create a content plan

As soon as the group in the Telegram is created, you can start filling it. You don’t need to start right away with promoting the channel, advertising it. First, you should experiment with the options, see what works worse and what works better. Let it stretch for 15 days or even 30. Only when everything is already defined you can tell everyone about the created group.

Features of creating a channel in Telegram

Friends will probably subscribe to the channel first. Don’t force people to subscribe. To send messages to all contacts on the phone via Viber or WhatsApp is also not the most sensible idea since personal space is violated. Better to drop them the link on the social network. Let them follow it. Look at the channel. If a good product is created, they will not leave it without attention.

As for drawing up a content plan, this is everyone’s personal business. If you don’t like planning something, then you don’t need to do it. But any media outlet has a plan for the issue. Some editions compose them 1-2 months in advance. The plan will also come in handy for the Telegram channel, but before taking on it, you should think: how serious is the work on the channel planned? Do you want to develop it as a business project to generate monetary profit? Then, of course, you can’t do without a schedule for adding content and a strategy.

Do you have your own Telegram channel? How many followers does he have?


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