In this article, we will learn How to Convert WebP to JPG and How to Convert WebP to PNG. It’s pointless to argue that Google has taken over the entire Internet for itself. This company controls the search engine market, which means the sites, their position in the search results and traffic, the browser market, where its share is 90%, and the online advertising market. Therefore, it is logical that Google is trying to adjust everything exclusively for itself, including the formats of images on the Internet convenient for it to process.

How to deal with this for users is a big question. After all, the WebP format, although it was created specifically for working on the Internet, is not suitable for most of us.

How to Convert WebP to JPG or PNG: 3 Easy Ways

WebP is a format that is very inconvenient to work with directly but which is very well tailored for the Internet.

WebP is an image format created by Google specifically for websites. It provides efficient compression without loss of quality. Thanks to them, site administrators reduce web pages’ weight, thereby increasing their loading and processing speed.

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And since the download speed is one of the indicators that directly affect the search results’ location, site owners try to use WebP, and users who download such pictures cannot work with them without conversion.

How to Convert WebP to JPG?

There are several ways to convert WebP into a more digestible format for a computer and standard editing tools.

The simplest but “dirty” thing is not to download a picture but to take a screenshot of it right on the site. For convenience, I recommend using the Shift + CTRL + CMD + 4 key combination. True, a more or less acceptable result can only be obtained on computers with a high screen resolution, but on old MacBook Airs, for example, the quality will be frankly so-so.

Convert WebP to JPG or PNG on Mac

The harder way is to do the conversion right on your Mac. Although this does not require additional software tools, this method is not available to everyone. In any case, macOS High Sierra does not have it, which means that it appeared only in newer versions of the OS:

  • Save the picture on Mac in WebP format;
  • Open it through the standard “View” utility;
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How to Convert WebP to JPG or PNG: 3 Easy Ways

In newer versions of macOS, it is possible to change the picture format manually.

  • In the top menu, select “File – Duplicate”;
  • Close the duplicate, select the JPG format and save it.

The third way, which allows you to convert WebP to JPG or PNG relatively quickly and without third-party software, is to use online converters.

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Convert WebP to JPG or PNG using an Online image converter

In fact, there are quite a few of them on the Internet, but I am more used to using iLoveIMG. It has a pleasant and unobtrusive interface and has a high conversion speed.

  • Go by this link to the website;
  • In the window that opens, select the Convert to JPG section;
How to Convert WebP to JPG or PNG: 3 Easy Ways

Online conversion is one of the easiest ways.

  • Drag an image from your Mac into the conversion window;
  • Click Convert to JPG and download the finished picture.

Why you need WebP?

Of course, when converting an image, you need to be prepared for, albeit small, but still occurring loss of quality. Neither conversion to JPEG nor PNG will help to avoid this. Even taking a screenshot will not allow you to preserve all those aspects of the original image and transfer them to a duplicate made from the screen.

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How to Convert WebP to JPG or PNG: 3 Easy Ways

Pay attention to the weight: on the left – JPG, on the right – WebP

Therefore, for professional work, such pictures, of course, will not work. Another thing is that professionals, most likely, will not take up editing WebP images. And for domestic use, the difference as such will not be noticeable.

However, you can understand Google too. She is more than anyone interested in the development of the Internet and makes every effort for this. Translating sites into the WebP image format is one of the steps to improve the global online space. After all, pictures in this format weigh 20-200% less than PNG or JPEG, which means that they will be processed faster and reduce the site’s likelihood of being closed before the full load.

Conclusion: Convert WebP to JPG or PNG

I hope these 3 methods on how to Convert WebP to JPG or PNG were easy. If you have any other optimized solutions, do share them in the comment section below.


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