To many TVs with a smart prefix, you can connect devices using bluetooth. And such a connection can be done independently. But how to connect bluetooth headphones to TVs of two well-known brands – LG and Samsung?

How to connect bluetooth headphones to Samsung or LG TV

What to consider?

You need to connect a wireless device to your TV in the following cases:

  1. If a person does not want to disturb the household with loud sound.
  2. On the contrary, he wants to “isolate himself” from extraneous noise and other people, focusing on the image and sound from the TV.

When trying to make such a connection, the user may encounter certain inconveniences. Many manufacturing companies want to “tie” the client to their products. Therefore, for example, when connecting LG bluetooth headphones to a TV of the same brand, there will definitely not be any problems. You also need to check the very presence of a built-in bluetooth module.

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Connect bluetooth headphones with TV from Samsung

Owners of a wireless headset (brand is not important) and Samsung TV need to do the following:

  1. Open gadget settings.
  2. Find the “Sound” section and select it.
  3. In this section, click on “Speaker Settings”.
  4. Connect bluetooth headphones, enter the device into pairing mode, then put it next to the TV.
  5. On the TV, find an option called “List of Bluetooth headphones”.
  6. The TV will start searching for the headset, which should be reflected in the list of found devices. In the event that the headphones are not detected, then you should place them closer to the screen, and then restart the pairing process on them. Then click on “Update”.
  7. Select the detected bluetooth device. It remains to click on the “Pair and connect” item. After that, the headphones should start playing sound.

Features of connecting to LG TV

Earlier it was said that the connection of bluetooth headphones and a TV will be successful if both devices are released under the LG brand.

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How to connect bluetooth headphones to Samsung or LG TV

The connection process will be like this:

  1. Click on “Menu”.
  2. Find the item “Sound” and select it.
  3. Find “Audio Out”.
  4. Activate LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth option.
  5. Click on “Select device”. The TV will look for headphones. And it will quickly find them when it comes to the original device from LG.
  6. Click on the found device, bind to the TV. Now the sound from the TV will be heard in the headphones.

Have you ever connected bluetooth headphones to your TV?


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