All accessories get dirty during use, headphones for phones are no exception. Moreover, they become clogged with sulfur, which is why they work worse, become a source of bacteria. How to avoid this? How to care for them?

How to clean headphones from a smartphone

To wash or not to wash?

The first thing that comes to mind is to wash your ear membranes. But the ingress of water into the equipment is undesirable, as it can prematurely disable it.

You can rinse the ear pads by removing them first. A low concentration soap solution is used for cleaning. The rest of the components are wiped with a damp cloth.

How to clean headphones from a smartphone

Wire cleaning

It’s clear with wireless headphones, but in wired models, you still need to clean the wire from dirt. They do this with a damp cloth – special wipes for monitors and smartphones are sold in hardware stores. They are impregnated with gentle compounds, but they remove dirt well. Suitable for cleaning headphones too.

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If there are no napkins at hand, the wire is wiped with cotton wool previously soaked in an alcohol solution. It is important not to overdo it with the latter, so as not to damage the insulating layer – it is thin.

It is better not to use a nail polish remover for these purposes, because the acetone in its composition will damage the colored plastic layer and break the tightness of the structure.

If the blackness is heavily eaten in – this is especially visible on white headphones, then it will be problematic to bring it out. But you can try: a silicone sponge works best in such a situation.

How to remove wax from branded headphones?

Branded accessories for iPhones, Samsungs are expensive, unlike their Chinese counterparts. But they periodically become clogged with earwax. How to remove it without damaging the structure?

How to clean headphones from a smartphone

For this you will need:

  • 3 toothpicks.
  • 3 ear sticks.
  • Several grams of alcohol.
  • Disposable napkin.
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First, use a toothpick to clean off all the dirt that has settled in the mesh of the headphones. It’s long and tedious, but there are no other options. After each cell is cleaned, soak a cotton swab in an alcohol solution and gently disinfect the surface of the mesh. It is important that alcohol does not get inside and damage the speakers.

All contamination must be carefully removed – this process will take 10-15 minutes, no more. After that, you can use the device again.

How do I clean my vacuum headphones?

It is easier to remove sulfur from vacuum earbuds. To do this, remove the silicone pads and wash them with soap and water. Then remove the mesh with a fine needle and dip it into the hydrogen peroxide solution. If it is not removable, the lower part of the membrane is lowered into the peroxide.

After 2-3 minutes, take out, wipe with a napkin. After 2-3 hours, when the structure is completely dry, you can put the vacuum pad back in place and use it.

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Each month, headphones need to be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine to remove pathogenic bacteria from them and not provoke ear inflammation.

How often do you clean your headphones?


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