Most of the time, a PC crash is due to a malfunctioning RAM. It is RAM that performs an important function. Memory faults can only be detected using special programs.


How to check RAM on PC

The program is considered the best and can accurately detect the error. It has its own bootloader and therefore can work with any operating system. To download it is better to go to the official website. The utility works according to a special algorithm. For testing, you can run a test from a flash drive or HDD. To do this, you need to insert a flash drive or disk into the port, open the folder with the program and run. Then the “imageUSB” window will appear. Next, the program is recorded on the flash drive. After – restart the PC. Next, open the BIOS menu and specify the connected drive. The check takes a certain amount of time depending on the amount of RAM. Finally, the program will display all the information on the screen.

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How to check RAM on PC

To check, you need to download the program and run it. At startup, you need to pick up the file. You also need to find out the bit depth of Windows by pressing the Win + Pause buttons. The utility performs a quick check. Testing can be paused at any time. The processor status will be displayed in the program window. QuickMemory detects any malfunction and malfunction.

GFX Memory Speed ​​Benchmark

How to check RAM on PC

The program has a minimum number of controls and supports English. The utility tests and performs quality checks in the shortest possible time. The program is downloaded from the official website. For efficiency, it is recommended to select the version that matches the bit depth. Information about the check is displayed on the main window in the program.


The program checks not only the RAM but also displays information about all components. The program does not take up much memory and is downloaded for free. The utility can be downloaded in the form of an archive or a simple installation file. This program is popular among gamers, programmers and PC repairmen. To check the PC, you need to download and run on the official server. In the “memory” window, you can see all the information regarding the RAM. To improve the speed, select the “SPD” tab.

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Checking RAM via Windows

You can also check the RAM without downloading the program. Typically, Windows has a built-in utility. To do this, you need to click on the search icon. If it is not there, then it is recommended to press RMB and select the search line. Next, you need to select “show the search icon”. Next, a memory checker should appear on the screen. Then you need to click on “run as administrator”. Then the PC is rebooted.

How do you check the operability of the RAM?


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