SSD solid drives have stepped into modernity, giving clear advantages: increased read and write speeds, no noise, low power consumption and resistance to mechanical damage. However, their activities need to be monitored and checked for errors, otherwise SSD failures or damage are inevitable.

How to check an SSD drive for errors

Limited SSD resource

Failures also occur due to the fact that the SSD allows writing files a limited number of times. SSDs are usually guaranteed for no more than three years Therefore, active PC users can quickly disable the resource, and not very active users will be able to work with it for 4 or more years.

How to test an SSD for performance – the best programs

If you need to check the SSD for errors, the following programs will come to the rescue:

How to check an SSD drive for errors

  • CrustalDiskInfo is a free resource that will quickly check the speed of reading and writing, give a detailed picture of “health” and as a whole, evaluate the temperature and other characteristics. There are two types: portable and statutory. In addition, it will effectively help to check the SSD for bad sectors. To use the program, you need to download and run it. The program will scan the hard drive, display a list of errors, and give a detailed report. All functionality can be tracked in the service tab.
  • SSD Lifе is a free resource that allows you to predict in advance the decrease in the activity of the functional. Has two versions: portable and installation. Everything is very simple: the working window displays the predicted functioning of the disk, an assessment of its health.
  • SSDReady can keep track of the volume of read-write files in the background and is able to calculate errors. Similar to previous programs.
  • DiskCheckuр will help you test the hard SSD: what is the speed and quality of work in general, as well as track individual problems. It will help give out statistics about the status. The functionality is no different from other programs.
  • HDDScan is a free utility for SSD diagnostics and can be a handy tool. It will help to identify errors on the hard drive (bad blocks and sectors), it can support the demonstration of SMA.RT attributes. By regularly testing your hard drive with this program, you can be sure of its health.

Which program will you choose for SSD health?

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