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How to Change or Disable Automatic Windows 10 Maintenance

How to Change or Disable Automatic Windows 10 Maintenance

There are many features available for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system such as Automatic Windows 10 maintenance. Most users are quite well-known and used by most users every day, but there are also unknown ones for most users. One of these is automatic Windows 10 maintenance, which was included in Windows 8. This function is useful for the operating system, but many do not like it when it starts working at the wrong time. In this regard, you need to change or disable the windows 10 automatic maintenance time.

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Automatic Windows 10 maintenance– responsible for all updates, applications from the store, programs, and scans using windows defender, performs system diagnostics, disk cleanup, defragmentation, etc. All of these tasks are performed at specified times and even when the computer is in standby mode. Someone comes home from work and has little time left to do work or play on the computer, and then there are incomprehensible lags, slow Internet speed, and other factors when this service is triggered according to the schedule. 

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Change Automatic Windows 10 Maintenance time.

Go to the ” Control Panel ” and type “Automatic” in the search at the top.

Now we can change the time to a convenient one for us. You can check the box to wake up the computer at the scheduled time.

How to permanently disable Windows 10 Maintenance

Open the registry editor using the combination of buttons win + R and write in the line regedit. A detailed guide on how to open a registry in Windows.

Follow the path in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\Maintenance

If there is no key with the name ” MaintenanceDisabled ” from the right, then right-click on an empty field and create a key with the DWORD parameter (32 bits). Name or rename the new key “MaintenanceDisabled.”

Double click on the file we created and assign value 1. Then restart your computer. You can also enable it back by changing the value to 0.. “

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