Did you accidentally pay for a subscription or want to cancel it before the trial period has passed? We’ll tell you how to cancel your subscription on iPhone and iOS tablets.

On iPhone and iPad, subscriptions are canceled according to the same scheme – since the devices work on the same operating system, iOS (the differences between iPad in this case do not matter).

Where to unsubscribe on an iPhone or iPad?

Let’s look at the process of canceling a subscription using the latest version of iPadOS 14.1 as an example.

First, it is essential to clarify that you will not cancel a subscription through the application itself for which it is registered – it will send you to the store through which the payment occurred. For example, if a smartphone or tablet goes to the OKKO online cinema’s account and select the “Subscriptions” – “Manage auto-renewal” section, a notification will appear prompting you to go to the application store account settings.

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You can bypass this step and go to the AppStore settings directly.

  • To do this, open the Apple app store and click on your account icon in the upper right corner of the interface.
  • Next, you need to select the “Subscriptions” section.
How to Unsubscribe from an app on your iPhone or iPad - AppleToolBox
  • You will see a list of all subscriptions on your device in a new window: current and already completed.
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel. For example, we have a trial subscription to OKKO Optimum. The system will display the price and other subscription options for this application, and the “Cancel (trial) subscription” button will appear at the bottom of the window.
How to Unsubscribe from an app on your iPhone or iPad - AppleToolBox
  • Click the cancel button, and the subscription will expire.

How to unsubscribe from an app through iPhone or iPad settings?

You can also unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions through the device’s settings, not the app store.

  • Open the Settings app and click on your name at the top of the list (go to the menu where the Apple ID is listed).
  • Go to Subscriptions. Here you will see a list of all paid applications and services – the same as in the AppStore settings.
  • Next, go to the required application and unsubscribe as described above.
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How to cancel a subscription to an application in an iPhone if the money has already been debited?

What if you paid for the in-app subscription by accident? After all, it happens that the subscription was paid for by mistake – for example, if a smartphone fell into the hands of a child or fraudsters. Fortunately, the money can be returned.

To do this, contact Apple Support at reportaproblem.apple.com.

Here you can specify the subject of your request, for example, “Request a refund.” And choose one of the reasons for the return offered by the system. If you request the cancellation of a paid subscription within 24 hours after the funds were debited, the money will most likely be returned to your account.

How not to pay for unnecessary subscriptions?

The easiest way is not to subscribe to anything. But let’s agree that this option is not always convenient, especially if you want to try the application before buying. Many programs immediately ask for your bank card information to charge it for the subscription after the trial period ends. In this case, we advise you to have a spare card on which there will not be enough funds to be debited.

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Another right way to avoid paying for extra apps is to set yourself reminders on which day the free subscription ends and turn it off precisely before starting the paid period. 

We also advise you always carefully to study the terms of the subscription: will the payment be charged immediately or will you have a trial period, what tariffs and bonuses are available. Perhaps, if you cannot wholly abandon spending, you will save money – for example, by taking a family subscription instead of a personal one.


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