Mega’s file storage service usually disables free users after they’ve downloaded about 5GB or so, making you wait a few hours before you can resume what you’ve been transferring. It seems like Mega is more generous now (I downloaded 18.75GB of data the other day before hitting the wall), but it still has some download quota. And if you want to pass it without waiting, there will be only one trick in your arsenal.

We share another trick- How to Download MEGA files without Limits: 16 Easy Steps in 2021 – TechRechard if you fail to use this trick, continue to read on.

PART II- Bypass Daily Mega Download Restrictions

There used to be a few apps that could be used to bypass Mega’s download restriction seamlessly, but it looks like the service has closed any loophole they’ve exploited. I tried a few tools when I hit the download limit the other day, but none of them could get anything from Mega.

Alas, even the command-line application “megatools” could not bypass Mega’s download restrictions.

What really worked was using a VPN to get a new IP address. Once I do, I pay for NordVPN (get an exclusive discount for techrechard readers), which makes it easier to continue downloading from Mega without a problem.

However, this trick has a few warnings. First, you probably won’t want to use a free VPN. If you’re so keen on downloading, then paying for a VPN service that doesn’t track and record everything you do – or uses any other nefarious tactic while you’re using it – costs a few dollars a month, it will cost you. You’re also less likely to be limited to the VPN you pay for than the free one because using a VPN that slows down or limits download speeds to get around Mega’s limitations seems a bit counterintuitive.

The NordVPN app makes it easy to select a VPN server from different locations.

Second, you may not have much success if you’re trying to download huge files from Mega. I can’t think of why you’re downloading, say, a single 15GB file (winks, winks), but if you’re using a tool like MEGAsync to do so, you may have to exit the program as soon as you click on your initial limit, launch the VPN, and restart the program.

In this case, you can restart the download from scratch. I did in my experiments, which makes it pointless to bypass the limit since you will not download the file until you reach the limit again. In this case, you can leave your original IP address and wait – don’t exit the app.

However, if you have a bunch of files, you need to grab Mega. You keep facing an annoying but understandable wall as a free user, using a VPN to switch your IP address – and just turning on a VPN in the Opera browser doesn’t count – a great way to convince Mega that you’re a new user.

PART III- Bypass Daily Mega Download Restrictions using MegaBasterd – Mega Downloader

Step 1: Download the latest java version. You can directly download Java from here.

Step 2: Download MegaBasterd – Mega Downloader from Github. This program works on MAC, Windows, and Linux. Depending upon your OS, you can download the executable file.

Step 3: Extract the files using tools like WinRar, 7Zip.

Step 4: Open the extracted folder, and right-click on the “MegaBasterd” batch file. Click- Run as an administrator.

Step 5: If it asks you to create an API key, click NO.

Step 6: Set your download folder to any desired location.

Step 7: Look for  “Use SmartProxy” and enable it.

Step 8: Look for free USA proxies. Here are some of the sites that you can use- US Proxy List – Free Proxy List (, United States proxy servers (, 🤖Free Proxy List [5,681 Proxies Online] (

Step 9: Copy-paste the proxy list with a port in the following format and click save.

Step 10: Now close the settings tab. Copy your mega file/folder link that you want to download. Click on file > New Download and paste the link here.

Step 11: Click Let’s dance, baby. Now you will see the following results.

Step 12: Select the files that you want to download and click the Let’s dance, baby button again. NOTE: You can also remove the files that you do not want to download.

Your downloading might pause in between but, do not worry. It will take some time and your files will be downloaded.

I hope you were able to download your files. If you fail, you can try the first method that we posted a few days back- How to Download MEGA files without Limits: 16 Easy Steps in 2021 – TechRechard.

Good Luck!

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