Sometimes you want to add some kind of humorous or memorable inscription to the created photo. In this regard, both tools built into the smartphone and special programs that can be installed on the gadget can help. The first and second options are worth considering.

Adding a label with built-in tools

To use the tools built into the smartphone, just open an application called Google Photo. To use it you need:

  • Select the photo you want to make adjustments. To do this, you need to hold your finger on it for a while.
  • In the pop-up window, select the “Change” command.
  • A graphic editor with a photo will open, and there it will be possible to add an inscription on it.
  • After all the necessary changes have been made, it is enough to save them.

In order for the photo to look more vivid, it is important that the added text is appropriately designed. To do this, it is enough to use special programs. Thanks to this, the photo will turn out to be more expressive, more effective, and will make a unique impression. It remains only to understand which applications can be used.

+ T – “Text on the photo”

The main advantage of this program is the most simplified interface. The app processes photos quickly. It offers users about 800 fonts to use. In the process of text design, you can put your own style on different pieces of it. Installation of author’s fonts is available. It is possible to change the color scheme of the font, its dimensions. Outline labels are available.

The text is available for adding as an inscription or a unique sticker. Pictures can be processed. In the arsenal of the program there are many filters and effects. You can add or reduce the transparency of the photo, the added text. Change of perspective, gradient color change is available in pictures.

Cover Photo Marker (CPM)

How to add text to a photo in a smartphone

The application contains enough tools for photo editing. With its help, you can add any sticker or inscription to the picture. The photo can be superimposed on a pre-selected background from the CPM library. When creating a caption on a photo, you can activate the so-called three-dimensional effect. In any selected font, the size, color palette, background can be freely changed. It is possible to add shadows from letters and rotate to any angle.

Do you like to add text to the created photos?

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