The global gaming market is growing at a rate of more than eight percent per year. But while gaming’s popularity as a mainstream leisure activity is a global phenomenon, the top ranking types of games vary from one country to another. Here, we take a look at the most popular types of games in USA, China, Australia and India, which are four of the most important markets, although for very different reasons.  

USA – FPGs lead the way

America is the biggest gaming market in the world in terms of revenue, and the most popular genre is the first person shooter. CS:GO gets an honorable mention thanks to its eSport credentials, but for casual players, the top-seller is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with Overwatch just behind. 

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It’s not all guns and explosions, however. Open world games have a massive following, and it is worth noting the enduring popularity of Minecraft, which still boasts 140 million active player 12 years after it was first released.

China’s fascination with RPGs is undiminished

If USA tops the charts in terms of revenue, China comfortably leads the way where volume is concerned, with more than 740 million players. Most of them are passionate about RPGs. Popular titles include Chinese Paladin and Lost Soul Aside, but over the past year, these have been eclipsed by Horizon Zero Dawn.

Those who dismiss Guerrilla Games’ smash hit as a mish-mash about robot dinosaurs miss the point. Yes, it takes inspiration from some of the most successful games in the genre from The Witcher to Far Cry. But more important than that is the story, which is carefully crafted and emotionally exhausting.

Australians love their gambling games more than ever.

It might sound like a cliche, but the Australian fondness for a wager is a proven statistical fact. Australians gamble more per capita than any other nation, so it’s no surprise that gambling games are the most popular genre Down Under, and playing online pokies in Australia for real money is becoming as popular as playing physical pokies in pubs and casinos.

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The shift online was one of necessity for obvious reasons in 2020 and 21, but here’s the interesting thing – despite the pubs and casinos reopening and returning to business as usual, Australia continues to see a steady increase in online play.

India on the cusp of an eSport revolution

Another significant growth market, especially in the mobile gaming genre, India gamers fall into two broad categories. As mobile eSport’s profile has grown over the past 3-4 years, so Indian gamers have got more into it, specifically PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire, the latest eSport sensation.

The second category is casual gamers. For years, Candy Crush ruled the roost here, but over the past two years, Genshin Impact and Ludo King have taken the top positions. A little like the Australians with their pokies, the Indian market demonstrates that when it comes to casual gaming, players will return time and again to the classics that have stood the test of time.


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