If you are here, you have certainly already faced blockages when wanting to access an American site without being in the United States. This is actually related to your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the number assigned to your connected device that sites have to access to, and that gives information about your physical location. The websites you visit can thus have a fairly precise idea of where you are. They can then allow or deny you access depending on your location, that is why you need to buy us residential proxies.

If you change your IP address in favor of an American IP, you will be able to change your location in the eyes of the Internet and you will be able to browse sites accessible only in the USA. You will see that with the help of a proxy, this process is within the reach of all and the change of IP address is almost immediate. Find out now how to get a US IP address very simply.

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What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediate server between the Internet user and the servers from which information is requested. In essence, a proxy is an intermediary, a filter, or gateway that stands between a person and the vast (and not always secure) data on the network.

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For example, if your browser is set to use a proxy server, and you try to visit a site, the request is not sent directly to that resource. Instead, it is sent to a proxy server. Once the proxy server receives the browser request, it forwards it to the server that hosts the resource. The site server then sends the response to the proxy server, which in turn sends it to your browser.

Why do we need a proxy server?

  • The purpose of a proxy depends on its type and kind. A proxy works for encryption, caching, or as a web filter. A modern and properly configured proxy server can perform a variety of tasks.
  • Information tracking. For example, large companies can track employee inquiries.
  • Speed boost. By caching files, they load faster.
  • Privacy. The proxy changes your IP address and location, making it difficult to track who is making the request.
  • Access to blocked sites. The proxy server can transmit data that you are in another country, so you can access resources that are blocked in your territory.
  • Block unwanted sites. You can set up a proxy so that the user will not receive information from certain resources.

Changing your IP address using a proxy

Only by changing your actual IP address will you be able to get an American one. For this, you will have to use a proxy, but given the insecurity of the latter, the use of a VPN is can be possible.

How proxy manages to hide and change your IP

You should know that your IP address is public, that is, as soon as you are connected to the internet, it is shared with the sites visited and the applications you use. By activating your US proxy server, this will no longer be the case since this proxy assigns you a new IP address belonging to its private network.

Get a US IP address with PrivateProxy

To get a US IP address, we recommend using solutions by PrivateProxy, one of the best on the market in 2020. This proxy provider has reliable servers worldwide and, most importantly, it has several locations in the vast territory of the United States. You will have the choice among servers in numerous US states, but much more.

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By connecting to one of PrivateProxy US locations, you’ll get a US IP address. Thus, the websites will consider that you are located in the United States and you will be able to access many contents only accessible from that country.

For example, we think of many streaming platforms such as the more complete US catalogs of Netflix and Disney+, but also Hulu and HBO Now. The us residential proxies are obviously suitable for the creation of an account with one of its platforms. You will also unlock access to programs from US TV channels like FoX, NBC, CBSN and many others.

Other Benefits of PrivateProxy servers

In addition to camouflaging your IP address and assigning you another anonymous one, PrivateProxy will protect your data. This process makes your internet traffic unreadable to others, including your Wi-Fi operator, who will not have access to your online browsing. All your personal information and activities will therefore be secure, which will minimize the risk of tracking and data theft.


By using of PrivateProxy, you will have the opportunity to use up to 100 residential proxies simultaneously, but it depends on the service plan. In addition to computers and smartphones, its application is also compatible with many other media such as tablets, game consoles, Smart TVs, and even routers.

Why not a VPN?

The main difference between a proxy and a VPN is that a VPN protects all network traffic, while a proxy only protects Internet traffic. A proxy passes requests by acting as an intermediary, while a VPN tunnels all network activity down to the operating system level.

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We recommend checking our internetetsecurite and privacyinthenetwork for VPN-related guides.

Companies use VPNs to give employees access to corporate resources without having to worry about traffic being intercepted or crammed by the ISP. If he gets the usage history, it will only show that you are connected to a VPN. You won’t know anything about the traffic.

Despite all the advantages, a VPN compared to a proxy has disadvantages:

  • A VPN is more expensive;
  • The connection is usually slower.

For many tasks, the security level of a VPN may be redundant. If you just want to mask activity in an application, it’s worth considering a proxy server.

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When using a proxy server, remember that all information transmitted through it is available to third parties. Such services keep logging of users’ actions: proxy owners can provide this information to law enforcement authorities upon their first request – it is required by legislation in most countries of the world.


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