WhatsApp has been maintaining its position as the top messenger app for a long time. It is used by almost everyone today and has become a major source of communication with loved ones. Besides that, WhatsApp is also used for business communications, document sharing, and many more things. 

When using an app with your important data, it becomes hard to switch to another phone because of it. Android-to-Android data transfer can be easily done; however, you need an authentic tool to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. This article will guide you on everything you need to make the transfer.

Method 1: The Conventional Technique of Transferring Samsung to iPhone: Move to iOS

Unable to do the WhatsApp transfer from Android to iPhone has been a big obstacle for users who want to switch from Android to iOS. So many users refrain from completely switching from Android only because they do not want to delete their data. Some even keep two phones so they won’t lose their chats on their Android and use their new iPhone. 

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Luckily, in the new version of WhatsApp, it is possible to move your chats from Android to iPhone. The Move to iOS app is a free app developed by Apple that lets you transfer your data from Android to iPhone. To use the app, you must have an Android 5 or above version and an iOS 15.5 or later. To make it work, your iPhone should be new or a factory reset. Here’s how you transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone: 

Step 1: Start by setting up your iPhone according to the instructions given on the screen, and after that, log in using your Apple ID. Stop when you see “Apps & Data” on the screen and select “Move Data from Android,” and then click on “Continue.” After that, you will be assigned a pairing code for both devices. 

How Can I Transfer WhatsApp from My Old Samsung to My New iPhone?

Step 2: Open “Move to iOS” on your Android device and give all the necessary permissions to the app. When you see “Find Your Code” on the screen, click the “Continue” button below and enter the pairing code you were given on your iPhone to connect both devices. 

How Can I Transfer WhatsApp from My Old Samsung to My New iPhone?

Step 3: Once you have successfully connected both devices, there will be an option on your Android’s Move to iOS app that says “Transfer Data”; click on that. After that, select “WhatsApp” and click “Continue” to transfer all your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

How Can I Transfer WhatsApp from My Old Samsung to My New iPhone?

Method 2: The Perfect Method to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Smartphones Using Desktop with MobileTrans

The first method works fine, but many users find it somewhat complex. MobileTrans eliminates all such issues and does fast data transfer. You can transfer all your data, including photos, videos, documents, and even WhatsApp stickers, from Android to iPhone in a few clicks. MobileTrans has made WhatsApp transfer so easy that anyone with basic computer knowledge can do it. 

You can also restore your WhatsApp data from Google Drive if you have saved it there. The app merges the data with the current data present on your phone. MobileTrans can transfer data from WhatsApp Business and supports many other apps. This app works for as old as iOS 6 and Android 4.6 versions to the latest ones. 

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How Can I Transfer WhatsApp Data from My Old Samsung to My New iPhone with MobileTrans?

Read the instructions below to learn how you can transfer your WhatsApp complete data using the MobileTrans data management toolkit:  

Step 1: Get Started and Attach Both Devices

Launch the app and from the top of the screen, click on “WhatsApp Transfer” from the “WhatsApp Transfer” tab and select “Transfer WhatsApp Messages.” You can select the media content you want to transfer within your chats. After that, connect both devices to the computer so the app can load the messages.

How Can I Transfer WhatsApp from My Old Samsung to My New iPhone?

Step 2: Transfer WhatsApp Data

You will see both devices on the app as “Source” and “Destination” if they are not in their correct position, click “Flip” to change their position. Once you’re all set, click “Start” to begin the transfer. After some time, the computer will notify you that the data has been transferred. You can then disconnect the devices and check your WhatsApp.

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How Can I Transfer WhatsApp from My Old Samsung to My New iPhone?

Why Should You Prefer Wondershare MobileTrans Over Move to iOS?

We will be focusing on some important key points which makes MobileTrans preferrable over Move to iOS. This overview will help you set a proper precedent over the two options available for WhatsApp transfer.

Move to iOSMobileTrans
Transfer WhatsApp to AndroidNoYes
Merge WhatsApp MessagesNoYes
Restore Delete Data (Android)NoYes
No Need to Factory ResetNoYes
Export WhatsApp ChatsNoYes
Supported WhatsApp VersionsVersion Beta or AboveAll Versions
Supported iOS VersionsiOS 15.5 or AboveiOS 6 or Above

It is evident that Wondershare MobileTrans provides one of the best services for transferring data from an Android to iPhone or vice versa. 


WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone has always been a problem for many users. A lot of people find it an obstacle when changing their phone. Over the years, many apps have been developed to transfer data on different OS, but only a few work. This article ends the search for an authentic solution and discusses the best available options. 

MobileTrans is ideal for transferring your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. So get the app, transfer your data, and start using your new iPhone.


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