Buying a smartphone is associated with various throwings for its future owner. I would like to compare as many options as possible and choose the perfect one. There are really a lot of devices on sale, the main difference between them lies in the operating system. Apple or Android, and is the difference so big?

iPhones and iPads are gadgets with a powerful operating system. Thanks to her, the device works with different applications at once, does not freeze, processes significant amounts of data without problems. From a smartphone, you can download games and other applications, go to social networks, listen to music.

The iPhone is the most common smartphone, the difference is that it runs on Apple’s own software. Android is inferior in many respects to iOS, but this does not mean that one option is good and the other is not. IPads are tablets of a famous brand. They also work on the iOS operating system. Software versions are constantly being improved, providing users with new opportunities.

IPads and iPhones have a fairly high price – the products of the apple corporation are more expensive than their counterparts due to their high reliability, ease of use, materials used, and workmanship. The differences should be looked for in the touchscreen – the screen of the “apples” works without any pretensions, the sensitivity is maximum, the reaction goes to every touch. The materials are used premium, so the appearance, quality of the phone or tablet Apple will be at their best.

How apple technology differs from the usual one on the Android platform

The Apple operating system creates all the conditions for maximum mobile functionality. Applications actually do not “lag”, and the process of using the gadget brings sheer pleasure. But Androids are good in their own way. They have many different settings, programs, additional features.

What to choose – each buyer decides for himself, different people have different opinions from each other. Apple devices are often called unreasonably expensive. It is difficult to say whether this is so, but among Androids, there are many much more budgetary solutions – with comparable functionality. According to expert estimates, Androids are more susceptible to virus attacks. Apple also has advanced support – other companies cannot boast of a similar level of service.

What do you choose?

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