After purchasing a new “smart” phone, you should not immediately fill it with contacts, various applications and other entertaining content. First of all, you need to take care of disabling unnecessary functions set by default by the developer company. What exactly are we talking about?

Automatic brightness adjustment

Most smartphone models are equipped with a light sensor located on the front panel. This allows the gadget to automatically adjust the brightness level to the lighting around. This function can be called convenient. Only her work is sometimes not entirely correct. First, the brightness offered is often more intense than the user needs. Secondly, there are problems with the fast response of auto-tuning. And the function itself consumes a lot of battery power.

Pre-installed software

The development company usually adds programs to the released smartphones, which users can do without. If you carefully examine the purchased mobile phone, you can find at least 3 pre-installed applications. For example, semi-advertising content from a developer company or a specific service from Google.

Animation effects

Owners of a powerful device can skip this point. If we are talking about a “budget” gadget, then it is better to free up more space on it for performing important tasks. To do this, you need to find and disable scroll effects in the home screen settings. And although flipping through screens-pages looks very impressive, it heavily loads the device.

It is also recommended to disable live wallpaper in the settings. They also load the gadget and also plant the battery. In some smartphones, to disable all animation effects, you need to run developer mode.

Sounds and vibration

New gadgets are set by default so that a beep, click, or a short vibration is heard as each number or letter is entered. As a result, the user seems to be working with a hardware keyboard. And not everyone is happy with this function. And for some it is completely annoying.

Features to disable on a new smartphone

To turn off sounds and vibration, you must go to “Settings”, select the appropriate item there.

Advertising personalization

The owners of Android devices are automatically users of Google products, including the advertising networks of this company. Those applications where the function of displaying advertising materials is present, use the identifier and serve ads in accordance with the interests of the person or the queries entered by him in the search engine.

If the user is not satisfied with this, then he can refuse this function. You just need to find the “Accounts” section in the “Settings” section, select the “Google” item and check the box next to the “Disable ad personalization” line.

Which of the following functions do you find useful?


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