Honor phones are equipped with the function to create a database of unwanted contacts. If you select a number in the phone book, the subscriber will not be able to call or send an SMS message. It is difficult to find the blacklist on smartphones, because the developers have hidden it very well.

Black List Honor creation

First you need to open the address book or calls in the phone by pressing the green handset. Then you should find the number that will be blocked and select it. You can click on the icon with the Latin letter “i”.

Honor blacklist: where to look?

Further, the sequence of actions looks like this:

  • Click on the “Black List” item located in the context menu.
  • Open contacts in Honor.
  • Choose a suitable name and click on the “More” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the “Add to blacklist” button, after which the contact will be blocked.

When making a call, the subscriber will hear that the person is out of range.

Viewing the database of blocked numbers

  • Go to the contact book by clicking on the green tube.
  • At the bottom of the numeric keypad, there is a button with three dots, you need to click on it.
  • A menu will drop out, where there is a section “Blocked”.

This list includes all numbers that were once blacklisted. From here you can also add subscribers to the Black list. It is enough to go to the application settings and click on the gear (located at the top of the window).

There is an item “Black list of numbers”. Adding will happen if you click on the plus sign. After that, the selected contact will not be able to call and write.

Additional section options

In the standard Black list menu, there is a special item that allows you to add prefixes. The option is needed in order to immediately block a group of numbers starting with a specific prefix.

In some companies, numbers have a base of numbers that are repeated. Only the endings or postfix differ (these are the last digits in the number). There is a separate function that blocks messages in which certain words are indicated. They are added to the blocking through the “List of keywords” option.

The function is necessary in order to close the gadget from sending spam from cafes, eateries, social networks and intrusive advertising campaigns.

Removing a contact from the blacklist

If at some point there is a desire to unblock a specific person, then you need to go back to the contact book. In the menu that opens, three dots will appear, which will lead to the item “Blocked”. Find the required contact in the existing list and click on the “Delete” button.

You can also select “Delete the entire list” so as not to erase each number separately.

Do you think that gadget users often send contacts to blacklists?


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