The way people consume content changes daily. Within two decades, we have moved from personal computers to smart homes, smartphones, and smartwatches. Today, the number of Internet of Things is just endless, and we expect to see even more changes in the future. With these radical changes, we have no option but to adapt. One of the areas where we have witnessed changes is content management. Today, you will hear about the headless approach to content management. The invention of the headless content management system responds to the rapid changes in technologies.  

Do you know what content management is? Well, if you don’t know, don’t worry because, in the following sections, we will talk about headless CMS. Meanwhile, we have headless CMS explained in detail. Check this to find out more about this new technology.  

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The evolution of the “headed” CMS 

The utilization of the “headed” has been the norm for content management. Content management systems made their initial appearance after introduction of the World Wide Web. This was to enable businesses to manage their website content with significant ease.   

A conventional content management system has both the backend and frontend layers connected. The CMS enables you to develop and update your content and store it in a local database. This CMS defines how developers employ to have their content displayed. However, this system does not essentially play fittingly with related information systems. Although this technology still works and some businesses use it, it is old and associated with limitations. 

A significant limitation of the “headed” CMS, which has led to headless technology, is that it puts everything in one bucket. The intermingling of both content and code makes it impossible to re-share the developed content to other channels and devices. This is particularly useful because the content-dissemination channels and devices have been growing significantly. Therefore, content should not only appear through a browser. It should be customized to be displayed via other devices and applications. Kontent by Kentico has introduced the best headless CMS for effective content management. 

How is headless CMS different from a traditional one? 

Unlike the “headed” CMS, a headless content management system does not have a frontend layer. Instead, it is only a backend CMS: the content database layer and the presentational layer exist independently. A headless CMS is just used as a repository for data storage. A headless CMS has all your content and assets live in the CMS. You can then use an API to disseminate your content to any channel or device, such as email marketing, website, social media handle, and mobile app.  

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Why would your business need a headless CMS? 

We live in an omnichannel environment, meaning that you need technology that allows you to disseminate your content seamlessly and efficiently. It will be a nightmare to manage duplicate copies of your structured content for multiple channels without such technologies. In an omnichannel context, businesses should be able to make updates in a central location and, from there, causes changes in every channel and device. The headless CMS supports this ability. With the headless CMS from Kontent, your business will be able to update and share content seamlessly via various channels and devices.  

Headless CMS also has several benefits for your brand. These include: 

  • Better developer flexibility in that the headless CMS allows developers to choose a preferred frontend tool 
  • The headless CMS from Kontent offers you a personalized experience because you can customize experiences for various channels all from one content source. 
  • Enhanced security due to the separation of the frontend and backend layers, which makes it hard for targeted attacks to happen 
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The best headless CMS from Kontent by Kentico  

Now that we have explained what headless CMS is, you want to get the best for your business. At Kontent by Kentico, you will get the top headless CMS for your brand.  


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