Google Will Unveil New Google Pay App Today And Probably Announce Branded Bank Card

On November 18, an online broadcast of Google will begin, where a major update of the proprietary Pay application will be presented. Those interested will find the broadcast window on YouTube below.

“We invite you to watch the live stream and learn more about the new Google Pay app to help you better manage your money. It will be released on Android and iOS, and will be distributed in the US. ”

From Google invite

As part of today’s announcement of the updated Google Pay application, the company is also expected to announce the launch of its own debit card. Back in April, it was reported that the largest international bank Citi and the Stanford Federal Credit Union are Google’s partners in the project. Also, Google itself is clearly hinting at launching its own payment card with cashback and other benefits.

It remains to add that this will not be the first Google payment card. The company issued a Wallet debit card as part of the old Google Wallet payment application – the project existed from 2013 to 2016. As a reminder, in 2018, Google merged Google Wallet with Android Pay and, at the same time, renamed its payment service to Google Pay (G Pay).

Since the Apple Card launch, many tech giants have offered their own counterparts, including Samsung, Huawei, and Razer.

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