Nest introduced its first smart thermostat about a decade ago, which helped save energy and offered a stylish design. Since then, the company has managed to release several generations of thermostats and move under the wing of Google. And now, new smart home devices from Google are released under the Nest brand.

The new thermostat is called the Nest Thermostat. It is easy to install (especially if you previously had a thermostat) and allows you to control your heating and ventilation system. Moreover, this can be done both manually and by voice using the Google Assistant. The user can program the room temperature or rely on the device itself, which can propose changes on its own so that you can save even more energy.

The thermostat is also equipped with Soli technology, which detects movements in the house to turn on the heating automatically. Also, the device reacts to your location to enter Eco-mode when you are away on business. Well, if the thermostat detects a malfunction, it will report it in the Google Home app.

The design of the Nest Thermostat has changed slightly when compared to the third generation or Thermostat E. There are new colors – pink, mint and dark gray. The cost of the new item is $129.99.

Source: Google

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