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Google Tasks Integration Replaces Assistant Reminders: Here’s How to Set It Up

Google Tasks Integration Replaces Assistant Reminders: Here's How to Set It Up

Google has been gradually rolling out the integration of Google Tasks to replace Assistant reminders. This shift allows users to switch seamlessly and complete migrations from Assistant reminders to Google Tasks.

Google Tasks, available as a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS and in the sidebar of Workspace websites like Gmail, Drive, and Docs, offers a modern experience with features such as creating different lists, tagging, and attaching emails.

Integration with Google Calendar allows users to create and view tasks alongside events. Additionally, a shortcut will be added to the account menu in the Google app. Users can also access reminders through In the future, Tasks will be available in the upcoming Google Calendar app for Wear OS.

Voice commands like “remind me” or “set a reminder” using “Hey Google” can now be used to create reminders that are saved in Google Tasks. Notifications for these reminders will continue to be received on all devices, including smart displays and speakers.

Migrating to Google Tasks

Users can migrate their existing reminders to Google Tasks by following a simple process. When creating a reminder in Google Assistant, a “View reminders in Google Tasks” card will appear at the top of the screen. Alternatively, users can directly visit the website.

By selecting “Start Setup,” users will be guided through the transition, where they can move their existing assistant reminders to Google Tasks. It’s important to note that reminders created in Google Keep will not be converted into tasks and can still be managed within Keep.

Broader Availability

While some users have been able to migrate since March, Google is now expanding the migration to more users, particularly in the United States.

Google’s integration of Google Tasks with Assistant aims to streamline the reminders experience and provide users with a unified and efficient task management system.

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