There are signs that the agonizing wait may be over. It looks like Google has finally decided to start updating its core iOS apps. The company released an update for YouTube this weekend, more than two months after the last update.

As 9to5Google, who noticed this update, explained, it is normal for Google to stop updating apps in December due to the holidays. Updates are not published during the holidays because there might not be enough staff to fix any related issues. However, updates usually resume in early January. However, this did not happen this year, and the vast majority of Google’s iOS apps have not been updated since December.

Google started updating its iOS apps TechRechard

Of course, there were immediate suggestions about the possible reason for the delay. A popular theory has been linked to Apple’s new privacy policies, which inform users about what data apps are collecting and whether that data is associated with or used for tracking. Apple launched labels in December, and developers must now update their apps and submit new ones.

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This theory does not apply to YouTube, which already had an updated policy ahead of Google’s update this weekend. 9to5Google says YouTube Music, YouTube TV, and YouTube Studio had their settings in early February. However, none of these apps have received an update in the past few months.

Google started updating its iOS apps TechRechard

Google also said the delays were not related to Apple’s privacy. In January, the company began rolling out more rules for its apps and even posted a blog post about privacy.

“As Google iOS apps update with new features or bug fixes, you will see updates to our app pages that include new app privacy information,” wrote Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, VP of Products and confidentiality. “These tags represent the largest categories of data that can be collected if you use all the available features and services in the application.”

Does this mean Google isn’t worried about Apple’s new privacy shortcuts? Google’s primary business is advertising, and there is no question that they discussed these labels. However, it’s probably safe to say that the delay in updates is due to something else. Perhaps even with something completely ordinary. For example, there were no new features or bugs.

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