On the eve of the New Year holidays, Google has launched a website where you can track Santa Claus’s movement around the world. Also, on the site, you can play exciting mini-games.

Recently, Santa has delivered more than 2 billion gifts. On the site, you can see where it is and what it is doing at the moment. By the way, he is cautious. Given the conditions of the pandemic, he added a protective mask to his traditional outfit.

You can also visit his fairytale village on the site, where there are many different holiday mini-games. Colouring pages, quizzes, Santa’s search, runners and much more are already waiting for little users.

By the way, some interactives will help children learn to program, learn about New Year traditions in different countries, etc. There are also small materials about Internet safety and how to make the world around us cleaner and better.

Google Launches Traditional New Year's Eve Site With Games And Santa's Radar TechRechard

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