Google talked about some of the innovations that will soon become available to owners of Android devices. One of them is designed to make waiting on the line more comfortable when trying to call the call center.

As a rule, in such cases, users have to keep their handset for some time and listen to music, which after a few minutes of waiting starts to cause not the most pleasant emotions. The situation is exacerbated during the coronavirus pandemic, when companies are forced to reduce the number of operators in call centers, and waiting times on the line can increase significantly.

To make it easier for users to wait on the line for a long time and to prevent their nervous breakdowns due to long listening to the same melody, Google has developed a new feature for Android. It was named Hold for Me. When a user makes a call to a toll-free number and is put into standby mode, Google Assistant will track the call instead of the user, and he can go about his business. When the operator connects to the call, the user will be notified by sound, vibration and display message, and the company representative will be asked to wait so the user can return to the call. Also, while holding a call, you can find out what is happening on the line. You can track a melody or conversation using real-time subtitles displayed on the smartphone screen.

The Hold for Me feature will initially be available as a preview in the US and only to owners of the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G smartphones. It can be activated in the Google settings.

Google Launches Hold for Me Feature in Android to Brighten Long Waiting on Line

Another innovation is the functionality for audio editing in the Google Recorder application. Note that this app is available on Pixel 2 and newer smartphones. Now in Google Recorder, you can select a sound fragment from a recorded file, and then cut it and remove it from a large file, or transfer it to another application.

In addition, you can search for specific words in the recorded voice file and delete them. Thanks to this function, recorded speech (for example, interviews) can be cleared of hitching in the form of “uh”, “uh” and other meaningless speech insertions or words-parasites. This feature will work offline – no internet access. The feature was announced on the Pixel 5 blog. It is not specified if it will work on other models.

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