Google has created a new app called Task Mate. It partially resembles Google Opinion Rewards but looks more complex. It is currently undergoing a closed beta test.

In fact, Google Opinion Rewards passively asks questions based on recent purchases or recent use of Google products such as Gmail, Google Assistant, and YouTube. In exchange for answering these questions, users receive bonuses on Google Play, which can be used to pay for apps or Play Store subscriptions.

Task Mate goes further and asks users to complete more complex tasks in exchange for a reward that can be cashed out. The app is currently available by invitation only in India, and its tasks may manifest itself in photographing a nearby restaurant, receiving survey questions, and checking English-to-Hindi translations. There are “field” and “sedentary” tasks. The latter can be done at home. Users can be rewarded by writing sentences or transcribing sentences, which is likely to help Google understand the nuances of Indian native English speakers’ pronunciation.

Source: gsmarena

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