With the advent of quarantine and self-isolation, everything in our lives has changed. Many things that were available at any time of the day have changed. Everything that we did not notice before has become so necessary today. Do not forget that a person can adapt to any situation, to any problem. For example, a need such as a hospital visit will now be available electronically. Online medical services are beginning to emerge.

When does a patient visit their doctor? When something bothers him. Most often, he explains his problem for a long time, he cannot find the right phrases and words. This takes a huge amount of time from the specialist. You should know that the doctor should allocate no more than 15 minutes of his time for each patient. During this period, you need to: interview a person, find out his complaints, conduct an examination, establish a preliminary diagnosis, give recommendations and prescribe treatment. This, of course, takes a huge amount of time. But the doctor cannot afford more. Consider this as a kind of doctor’s rules. Not every patient needs a lot of time, some 10-15 minutes is enough for the doctor to prescribe treatment and invite them to come back, and some even 1 hour is not enough in order to find the true cause of the disease and send it to a hospital or simply prescribe outpatient treatment. For such cases, an online consultation is created.

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Google introduces online medical services

To provide this service, there must be a good, reliable Internet resource provider. It should be continuous work that will be convenient for both the doctor and the patient. Google decided that it could not stay away from such an important topic. All of us have used Google Maps more than once, but now the developers have added a new, important function – “online service”. Its essence lies in the fact that when you open, you can find those medical institutions that can provide you online services. You will see the address of the clinic and the working hours, reviews of the doctors’ work. At the moment, every clinic in our country must prepare for this. Gradually, this function will be implemented in most clinics in our state. Hospitals should be well prepared for this step. This will allow everyone to keep up with the times.

At the moment, the progress of technology rules our entire life. Many of us adjust to the fast pace of life. And someone asks it.

Do you think this function would be convenient for people? Are there clinics in your city that accept online?

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