Google refused recognize as a defect sufficiently large gaps in the place where the screen fits to the body in Pixel 5 smartphones – the manufacturer said that everything should be as it should and that these gaps do not in any way affect the water and dust resistance of the phone (the model is IP68 certified).

In mid-October, some brand-new Pixel 5 owners complained about large gaps in various places around the display. Of course, the buyers were unhappy and upset when they discovered an obvious defect in a rather expensive device (in the US, a smartphone costs $ 699). Some got smartphones like this out of the box. At the same time, the annoyed owners expressed their concerns about the IP68 protection device declared by the manufacturer. Google carefully studied these messages and decided that there was no problem.

“By examining customers’ devices and comparing the results with QC reports from the factory, we can confirm that the difference in clearance between the case and display is within the normal Pixel 5 design. This does not in any way affect the phone’s water / dust resistance or functionality. We will work with clients individually to resolve any problems. ”

from google statement!

Here, I involuntarily recall how two years ago Apple admitted that some 2018 iPad Pro tablets come with a curved aluminum body, calling it completely normal.

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