Google Fit and Wear OS add a number of new features, including a single hub for activity and sleep metrics

As part of a massive improvement in services, Google has introduced updates to the Google Fit fitness system and the Wear OS smartwatch operating system. In particular, the Google Fit mobile application for Android and iOS now has a single detailed hub for the user’s main fitness indicators.

Here you can check the progress of reaching daily and weekly values ​​for Heart Points and Steps, see the latest workouts, and current indicators and trends in heart rate, weight, pressure, etc. If a person uses accessories or applications that can track sleep indicators (for example, a Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch, an Oura Ring, a Withings mat, or Sleep As Android or Sleep Cycle applications), then in this hub, you can see night activity, sleep zones and other useful data.

The Google Fit Workouts Tile of Wear OS smartwatches now includes links to the most popular workouts, as well as a redesigned workout-tracking screen. After any outdoor activity, including jogging or cycling, Google Fit on Android and iOS will display the route you have traveled with kilometer markers and pace. Here you can quickly share your workout (statistics, route, photo) with friends and relatives whom you want to motivate to go in for sports – you can do this by linking to the messenger or posting to a social network.

Wear OS has also updated the Breathe Tile and Weather Forecast app, making the current weather information more legible and easier to view, even during an active workout.

Recall that at the beginning of this year, Google Fit returned the counting of steps as the main indicator of activity, although two years ago, they were replaced by “Minutes of movement.”

Source: Google

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