Google has recently expanded the availability of Workspace Labs following the I/O 2023 conference held last month. As part of this expansion, the “Help Me Write” feature is now widely accessible for registered testers in Gmail for Android and iOS.

Introduction to Generative AI

When users first access the feature, they are greeted with an introductory prompt about generative AI. Once this is completed, the “Help me write” button will appear in the lower right corner of the interface. Users can enter a tooltip with a “Create” button by tapping on this button, which displays a blue/purple wave when the AI is processing. Users can then create a new response and provide feedback before inserting it into their message.

Google Expands Availability of "Help Me Write" Feature in Gmail for Android and iOS

Refining Messages with Assistance

After entering the text in the creation feed, users can tap the “Help me write” button again to further “refine” the message. This refinement can be done in various ways, such as formalizing, clarifying, shortening, getting lucky, or writing a draft. The refining process takes a few seconds, and the icon pulsates to indicate progress.

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Generating New Responses

Once the refinement is complete, a new response is generated, and users can “replace” the existing text with the newly generated content.

Google Expands Availability of "Help Me Write" Feature in Gmail for Android and iOS

Availability of the “Help Me Write” Feature

Currently, the Help Me Write tool is widely available for users enrolled in the Workspace Labs program on Android and iOS. However, it is not yet available in Google Docs mobile apps.

As Google continues to enhance and refine the Help Me Write feature, users can expect an improved writing experience within the Gmail app on their Android and iOS devices.


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