According to Ars Technica, Google has silently imposed a limit on creating files in Google Drive, which could prevent users from adding files despite having free storage space. This restriction of five million files was rolled out in February and applies to personal (Google One) and business (Google Workspace) users. If users attempt to upload files that exceed the limit, they will encounter an error message. However, the restriction does not apply to shared files, already restricted to 400,000 items.

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Google stated that this limit is aimed at preventing misuse that could undermine the “stability and security” of Drive. While the company claimed that the number of affected users is “insignificant,” the restriction could create problems for users who rely on cloud backup or generate a significant number of small files. For example, users with a 2TB Google One account may face difficulties if the average file size is 400KB or less.

One of the primary concerns is that users may hit the file limit before exhausting their storage space. Additionally, Google’s lack of transparency has led some users to scale back their Drive libraries or search for an alternative service without similar restrictions. Neither Google’s product nor support pages mention a file creation limit, and there is no gauge displaying users how many files they must delete or compress to create space for new ones.

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As Google Drive is one of the most commonly used cloud storage platforms, it remains to be seen how the new file creation limit will impact users who rely on the service for daily data storage.

Source: Engadget


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