As you know, Google does not take decisiveness in closing services and terminating certain services, but in a pandemic, the company is increasingly extending the life of doomed products. And the other day, the “corporation of good” made another such decision, delaying the end of support for the Chrome browser on Windows 7 for another six months. This is the second time Google is postponing the end of support for Chrome on Windows 7.

Chrome support on Windows 7 will not end on July 15, 2021, as planned, but will last at least until January 15, 2022. Until then, the Windows 7 version of the Chrome browser will continue to receive security updates.

Microsoft ended free extended support for Windows 7 for ordinary users on January 12, 2020. It offered a temporary Extended Security Updates (ESU) service to the corporate segment, which allows you to extend support for Windows 7 for an additional fee until approximately January 2023.

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Many users, especially corporate ones, are in no hurry to part with their favorite “seven.” By statistics StatCounter, Windows 7 was still at 16.8% in October, while Windows 10 accounted for 77.31%.

Google decided to extend Chrome support on Windows 7 for another six months - until January 15, 2022

Simultaneously, Google claims that 78% of companies have already completely switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Another 21% are in the process of transition, and the remaining 1% are planning to upgrade their PC fleet to the “dozen” shortly.

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