Google is adding biometric authentication support for Android’s Autofill credentials. Although this feature has been available in the mobile OS for several years, its initial implementation is not secure. The fact is that to use autocomplete, you did not need to go through biometric identification or enter a password. Thus, if a stranger gains access to an unlocked device, then using autofill will be able to log in to the user’s websites and applications.

But thanks to the latest Play Services updates and server tweaks, the autocomplete feature has become more secure. Biometric identification for her has become available on mobile devices with Android 10. You can activate it in the settings in the Google section.

In the future, when opening any application that requires entering identification data using autocomplete, the user will be prompted to first confirm his identity using biometric identification. Depending on the specific smartphone model and settings, this can be done by scanning a fingerprint, iris, or face recognition. Identity confirmation is fast enough.

The new feature may not be immediately available to smartphone users with Android 10 and the latest version of Play Services, as it also requires work to be done on the server.

Source: neowin

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