Google has updated the Google Photos mobile app for Android with a new feature. The search giant is now inviting users to help train its artificial intelligence algorithms.

The new function is accessed through the search section. Scrolling down the corresponding page to the very bottom, you can find the button Help improve Google Photos. By clicking on it, the user will see a short description of what exactly his help will be. To do this, it will be enough to answer a few short questions about custom photos.

Google asks for help from users to improve Google Photos algorithms

AI Algorithm Learning Assistance is divided into four distinct categories. In particular, it is proposed to describe the preferred settings for printing photographs; indicate preferred collages or animations; determine which photos are related to which holiday events (for example, Christmas or Halloween); identify the most important thing in the photo (in fact, the user has to add tags to their photos).

Google explains that it may take some time before users see the results of their responses. Nevertheless, the data obtained will help the company improve existing functions and develop new ones. Users have the option to delete their replies in Google Photos. To do this, you need to click on the menu in the form of three dots and select the Delete my answers item.

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Source: The verge

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