There is no better time to enjoy sales than the Black Friday Sale. Black Friday is that time of the year when people can get insanely expensive items at astonishingly low prices. And the same applies to the Ivacy VPN plan prices.

Ivacy VPN is offering all its plans at insanely low prices with its Black Friday Sale. But what makes Ivacy VPN worth subscribing to. Let’s look to find out what Ivacy VPN offers to all its existing and upcoming users.

Security Features offered by Ivacy VPN

No matter which plan users subscribe to, they can gain guaranteed access to reliable security features. Here is a preview of the most significant security and privacy features that Ivacy VPN offers:

A Strict No-Logs Policy

Data traveling with the help of a VPN service is supposed to stay between the sender and the receiver only. And the No-Logs Policy enforced by Ivacy VPN sustains that. The policy ensures that only the sender and the intended recipient can access the information sent. All third parties are prevented from accessing that information. Moreover, when a user terminates the browsing session, all information is wiped from online servers. And when the user returns for another session, it starts completely from scratch.

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Access to Geo-Blocked Content

There are some web platforms available online that are only accessible in certain regions. If users try to access them outside certain borders, they will fail. Ivacy VPN enables users to access this geo-restricted content easily. They can mask their IP address with Ivacy VPN and replace it with another IP address from another region. So, for instance, if users want to access Hulu (a US-only platform) from outside the United States, they can do so by connecting to a VPN server in the United States.

Access Different Streaming Libraries

Streaming platforms like Netflix offer different libraries to users in different regions. So, if a user wishes to access a title on the streaming site unavailable locally, Ivacy VPN will also make that possible. Users can access different streaming libraries from anywhere by simply connecting to a VPN server in another region.

Smart Purpose Selection

Ivacy VPN goes above and beyond to cater to the user’s security needs. And the Smart Purpose Selection feature is offered for exactly that. This feature helps the users in connecting to the appropriate VPN protocol needed. Ivacy VPN helps identify the reason for connecting to the internet and thus helps choose the right VPN protocol for that specific situation.

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Buffer-Free Streaming

With Ivacy VPN, users can be sure to access a variety of streaming platforms from virtually anywhere. Not just that, since Ivacy VPN helps counter ISP throttling, buffering also goes out the window. No more irritating buffers while the popcorn gets cold.

Secure Access to Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Even though accessing public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended, there are times when it cannot be avoided. Public Wi-Fi networks create the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to access user data without problems.

So, if a connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots is unavoidable, do so with the help of Iavcy VPN. Ivacy VPN will add an extra layer of encryption, making the cybercriminals’ job rather difficult.

10 Multi Logins

Users do not just need to protect a single device with a VPN service. Often, multiple devices need protection in a home or office. But one cannot get a VPN subscription for each device. Ivacy VPN knows that it cannot and should not. Ivacy VPN enables up to 10 multi-logins on the same Ivacy VPN account. Thus, users can secure up to 10 personal devices simultaneously with the same Ivacy VPN account.

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Compatibility with Numerous Major Platforms

Ivacy VPN does not only protect your PC or laptop. Ivacy VPN offers VPN compatibility for all major operating systems in the market. Be it Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or any other major operating system, Ivacy VPN has a solution for all.

What are You Waiting For?

Ivacy VPN offers all these security features and more at insanely low prices. Customers can get the Ivacy VPN 5-year plan on this Black Friday Sale at a whopping 90% discount. That’s right, for merely $60, users can enjoy Ivacy VPN’s protection for 5 years. This means users will only need to pay $1 per month for 5 years of Ivacy VPN subscription.

All in All

There is a lot more that Ivacy VPN has in store for Ivacy VPN subscribers. Contact any Ivacy VPN Customer Service representative to get a subscription to Ivacy VPN.


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