The internet is usually easy to use, but sometimes you might not have access. If you’re going on a long trip or want to save something for later, you can download things from the internet using free tools.

Some things on the internet are not easy to download, like photos, music, and videos. They might not have a download button or might not be free anymore. This article will show you how to download these things legally and for free.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

How to download content that is no longer available

In today’s digital age, we rely heavily on online content for various purposes, including entertainment, education, and information. However, sometimes we find valuable online content no longer available, making it challenging to access and enjoy. In such situations, knowing how to download such content can prove helpful. This article will provide some tips and tricks on downloading content that is no longer available, ensuring that you can access it anytime you need it.

1. Apps not available in the Play Store

Usually, Google prevents downloading malicious or fraudulent apps, but sometimes it also stops apps that don’t align with its business model. Certain apps might not be available due to location restrictions, or the latest version might not work well or may remove essential features. However, you can download apps not on the Play Store from sites like F-Droid and APKMirror.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

It’s generally not recommended to download apps from third-party stores, but F-Droid and APKMirror are trustworthy exceptions. Communities manage these sites and offer secure software to prevent malicious apps.

2. Old and Discontinued Applications

When updating apps to a newer version, you may face unexpected issues like compatibility problems with the old operating system or unwanted features like adware and malicious APIs. To avoid such problems, you can download the old version of the app for free from websites like Old Version.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

To download the old version, click on the app’s name and select the desired version. However, ensure that the app meets the system requirements and doesn’t contain any malware before downloading. Installing outdated browsers is not recommended as they may pose a risk to your computer’s security.

3. Deleted Websites from the Internet

Have you ever come across a website that was removed from the internet and wished you could still access it? There’s a way to view deleted websites using, also known as the Wayback Machine. This website has been archiving web pages for over two decades and has over 900 billion saved.

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To access a deleted website, go to and enter the website’s URL in the Wayback Machine’s search bar. The website’s archived versions will be displayed, and you can select the version you want to view. You can also browse the website’s archived versions using the calendar function, which allows you to select the date on which the website was archived. However, not all deleted websites are available in the archive; some may only have partial content saved.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

How to Download Content Without Paying Anything

In today’s digital world, we rely on online content for entertainment, education, and information. However, sometimes accessing certain content can be expensive, and paying for it may not always be feasible. Fortunately, there are ways to download content without paying anything. Whether it’s music, movies, or books, there are various ways to access free content online. Below we will provide some tips and tricks on downloading content without paying anything, allowing you to enjoy your favorite media without breaking the bank.

4. Get Personalized Ringtones

Over time, the default ringtones on your device can become dull and unexciting. While custom ringtones are popular, they often come at a cost. However, various apps can help you personalize your phone and make it more interesting without having to pay for it.

Zedge offers over a million free ringtones that can be downloaded through their website or app. The platform also includes tools for saving your favorite tunes to personal lists and accessing them from any device.

Once you’ve downloaded a ringtone from Zedge, click the “Designation” button to set it as your default ringtone, notification sound, or custom ringtone for specific contacts.

Download: Zedge for Android iOS (Free and paid versions available)

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

Audiko offers a fantastic collection of ringtones that can be downloaded from their website or app. In addition to downloading complete ringtones, Audiko allows you to select a portion of an audio track and download it as a ringtone for your phone. This means you can customize your ringtone to your liking without needing any third-party apps or music editing skills.

Download: Audiko for Android (free, subscription available)

5. Audiobooks

If you’re a fan of classic literature, you may be able to find free eBook versions, but audiobooks can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, the LibriVox website and companion app offer a solution by providing free audiobooks for books in the public domain. Their catalog includes famous classical works, books, and magazines of all genres in over 30 languages. You can easily browse their collection by author, title, genre, and topic.

The free LibriVox app allows you to create a favorites list and easily access audiobooks on various topics, including the best of Sherlock Holmes, National Geographic archives, science fiction novels, and more. With LibriVox, you can enjoy your favorite books in an audio format without breaking the bank.

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Download: LibriVox for Android iOS (Free, subscription available)

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

6. Paid Apps for FREE

Premium versions of apps come with additional features and customer support, but what if you could download these paid apps for free on your Windows or Mac device? Believe it or not, it’s possible!

One way to do this is by taking advantage of Giveaway of the Day, which offers a new licensed app or game for free every day that would typically require payment. Each deal lasts for 24 hours or more, and the seller provides license keys, making the process completely legal (with some limitations). You can receive regular updates on their offerings by signing up for their newsletter or RSS feed.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

The Malware Tips Forum is a community of technology enthusiasts who frequently share offers and discounts. On the forum, you can find various security-related applications such as Malwarebytes, Glasswire Firewall for Windows, and more. To stay up-to-date with the latest offers, subscribe to its notification channels and sign up for the forum.

You can also browse our section of Free Deals.

7. Download Commercial Games for FREE

Getting popular games for Windows and Mac can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. However, there’s still hope to acquire great games for free. One way is to visit the List of commercial games on Wikipedia released as free apps. You’ll find dozens, or even more, of titles listed with download links in the footnote at the bottom.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

Reddit is also a great place to find all kinds of free offers and deals for games. You can check out subreddits such as /r/FreeGames and /r/FreeGamesOnSteam. Major game publishers like Steam and GOG often release free games to attract customers.

How to download without a button or download option

8. Wikipedia and TED Talks

Offline access to informative resources like Wikipedia and TED videos can be crucial when the internet connection is weak or restricted. One way to achieve this is by downloading and storing the files on your computer beforehand.

Kiwix is free and open-source software that enables users to access and browse the entire Wikipedia database offline. By visiting the Kiwix Library website, users can download the ZIM file for Wikipedia and other related sites, TED talks, StackExchange sites, and more. Once downloaded, these files can be viewed in the Kiwix app, providing an extensive collection of information that can be accessed without an internet connection.

9. Download Images in Bulk from A Web Page

Downloading multiple images from a website can be a tedious task, but luckily there are free add-ons available that can save you time and effort. One such add-on is Imageye Image Downloader for Chrome, which lets you download all the images from a webpage with just one click. This extension also has filters that allow you to define the image size, URL, and other criteria. Additionally, it supports various websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Images.

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Another helpful add-on is Download All Images for Firefox, which can locate, filter, and save all the images in an open tab. Its powerful filtering tool allows you to select images based on size, type, and other specifications. The add-on also features a custom regular expression filter that can filter images based on their URL.

10. Capture Audio From Any Website

Many people want to keep copies of the audio content they listen to daily. While downloading audio from a browser is easy, recording radio broadcasts, internet voice calls, or podcasts can be challenging.

One option is to use the Chrome Audio Capture extension. It allows you to record audio played in an open tab and save it as an MP3 or WAV file on your computer. Simply click the “Start Capture” button to begin recording. You can stop and save the recording at any time and mute tabs to avoid unwanted sounds.

Note that the maximum capture time is 20 minutes. If your audio is longer than that, you can either sacrifice quality by continuing to record or stop and start capturing again.

11. Download photos and videos from Instagram

Instagram offers a feature that allows users to request a file containing all their shared photos and videos on the platform.

To do this on the desktop, follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile icon in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Then click on the settings icon beside the Edit Profile button.
  • From the menu, select Privacy & Security, and scroll down to the title Data Download.
  • Click Request Download.
FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

In addition, you can use DownloadGram to save photos on your mobile phone or the Internet. If the photo is yours, click the button with three dots above the message and select Share -> Copy Link. If it belongs to someone else, click the three-dot button and choose Copy Link.

12. Stock Photos and Videos is a website that provides users with free stock photos for personal and commercial use. These photos are in high resolution and can be used for various purposes, such as creating social media graphics, designing a website, or making a presentation. To download stock photos from, visit the website, and enter a search query in the search bar at the top. Once you have found the desired image, click on it to view it in full size.

FREE Download Anything From the Internet: Best Tips And Tools

To download the image, click the download button on the bottom right-hand side of the page. The image will be downloaded in its original resolution and saved to your computer or device. It’s important to note that while these photos are free to use, they are not royalty-free. This means they cannot be resold or distributed without permission from the original photographer or copyright owner. It’s important always to give proper credit and attribution when using stock photos from any source.

Conclusion: Download Almost Anything Online

In conclusion, there are many ways to download free content from the internet, including images, audio, videos, and more. With the right tools and techniques, you can save time, effort, and money by accessing these resources without paying for them. However, respecting copyright laws and giving credit where credit is due is essential. By following these tips and using the recommended tools, you can make the most out of the vast resources available on the internet and enhance your productivity and creativity.


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