Foregone: I’m a mother

Foregone is a fast-paced 2D action for PC and consoles from a studio that focused on mobile games. Well, the debut, okay, almost the debut turned out to be very successful.

Genre: Action
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Language: English
Developer: Big blue bubble
Publisher: Big blue bubble
Websites: Epic Games Store, Steam

Over 18 years of existence, Big Blue Bubble studio, headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada, has released over 120 games for various mobile platforms, from J2ME / BREW and Flash to GBA, DS, WiiWare, iOS and Android. Sometimes the studio has ported its own and other people’s mobile games to the PC, but Foregone seems to be the first full-fledged project of Canadians for older platforms.

This is a dynamic 2D action / platformer with elements of character leveling and metroidvania. And although there is essentially no roguelike here, the easiest way to compare Foregone with another game close to it in spirit, the wonderful Dead Cells from the studio Motion Twin. There are similar pixel graphics, close combat dynamics, the use of a variety of melee and ranged weapons, evil bosses and many secrets. Plus, the characters in both games are immortal. But if in Dead Cells you are forced to start all over again after each death, receiving only cumulative bonuses, then in Foregone death throws you very close, to the previous teleport. Having cut through the revived monsters, you can get to the place of your own death and return the lost experience and money. Everything as the great Dark Souls bequeathed.

Especially often you will die on evil bosses, but here the teleporter is placed, as a rule, not far from the entrance to the hall of the decisive battle. Death at the hands of bosses in Foregone is not at all annoying (unless, of course, this is the thirtieth death!), Because you always see that this is not a knocked down balance of difficulty, but your own mistake. We didn’t have time to react, didn’t dodge, put ourselves under attack. It is almost always clear what needs to be done to win next time, almost always victory is within millimeters from the tip of your sword.

Sometimes, in order to overwhelm the giant monster that finally blocks the path, you will have to reconfigure your character – replace weapons, choose other special abilities. There are not so many trunks and skills, but weapons, armor and decorations are different in rarity and they can be pumped at the blacksmith. There is enough loot in the game, it differs in quality and prefixes, as in some action / RPG, and, by the way, after your death you do not lose collected items, which is useful, because they can be recycled.

The character’s special abilities and skills can also be developed using the experience earned and special catalysts that can be found at the levels. Do not count on an extensive role-playing system, everything is quite simple here, although it introduces a certain variety in the process of shredding monsters. The choice of two active special skills and weapons with bonuses to them is quite important, your survival depends on it. But no one bothers you to go through the whole game with the skills obtained at the very beginning, it all depends on your eye and reaction.

In the storyline of Foregone, you control the Arbiter, a modified super-soldier who can single-handedly cope with hordes of enemies. In the war-torn city of Kalagan, you must prevent a new invasion of the evil Harrow. To do this, you will have to plunge into the past of the city and reveal secrets that would be better left buried under the ruins. However, the plot is far from the main thing in this game, moreover, it is not presented very well, through the diaries of soldiers and scientists and rare comments of your heroine. It’s easy to miss such a plot, so the final battle may come as a kind of surprise to you.

Unlike Ori and the Will of the Wisps or the recent CARRION, Foregone has few metroidvania elements. Yes, the levels here are quite confusing, yes, in order to go forward, you will have to find and activate several switches and defeat strong enemies-keymakers, but after gaining a new ability you will not have to return to the previous levels, this game is essentially linear, and open doors only simplify the passage to the next teleport or boss.

But for what the authors of Foregone can definitely be praised, it is for the graphics and animation. Pixel art looks stylish here both at the backdrop level and in character and monster sprites, and the animation turned out to be as fluid as in Dead Cell, except a little slower and with more pronounced pauses between phases, especially for bosses.

Overall, if you’re into 2D action / platformer like Dead Cells or CARRION, you should also love Foregone. If you cut out all deaths and repeated re-passing of sections, the whole game can be run in 3 hours, in reality, you will spend 8-12 hours on passing, depending on your reaction speed and luck.

Foregone is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC from the Epic Games Store. On Steam, the game will appear only on March 1, 2021.

Pros: Dynamic battles; difficult bosses; smooth combat and high-quality animation; system of pumping the hero and weapons; nice pixel art graphics.

Cons: Some secondaryness; there are few metroidvania elements in the game; not the best presentation of the plot.

Conclusion: Nice 2D action / platformer with stylish pixel art graphics.

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