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Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error: 2 Working Methods in 2024

Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error: 2 Working Methods in 2024

In this informative article, we will help you Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error. Since Google Drive is the server to back up files and folders from the cloud, we utilize it to upload, download, and share files with our family, friends, customers, or the public. If you have been using it for a while, you’ve probably experienced this issue several times. That says; Download Quota Exceeded or you can’t view or download this file.


What is Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error?

Everybody is free to upload, download, and share files with friends of your friends with many individuals- don’t forget that you are provided with a specific bandwidth to allow the files to be downloaded. For example, if many users download a file you have shared, the document will be blocked when the accessibility limit reaches. The reason is that Google would like to minimize abuse. However, if many users download a file, the file could be locked for 24 hours before the quota is reached.

The file’s security interval can be shorter if the document doesn’t continue to receive high traffic. If the file is very popular or significant and receives heavy views or downloads, obtaining it might take days or longer. Haven’t you heard this before? That is because Google does not say it anywhere. We will help you Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error within the following article. Let us jump into it.

Bypass or Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error

Before you start, browse Google Drive and sign up if you aren’t signed in. As soon as you’re there, then you’re all set.

Way 1: Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error

First, you need to locate the file to make changes to ensure it is available for download. Visit the file you need to download and right-click on the file > Select Get Shareable link. For this example, we will download the macOS Mojave VMware Image.

When the link is created, browse the link in a new tab.

You will then see the file preview, and click the Add to drive button at the top right corner to grab a copy of the file in your drive.

When you click, the file will be added to your google drive. Just click on organize and choose a folder to copy the file to your google drive.

Next, right-click the file and choose to Make a copy. The copy will be added to your drive, and you will be the person who owns the file. Since you are the file owner in your drive, you may download it to the system.

It is necessary to keep in mind that whenever you’re the person who owns the document, you’ll be accountable for policy violations or other issues related to the document, so be careful. When the document is copied, you may attempt to download the file ( Duplicate of the xxx document ) without any issue. To accomplish this, click on the file and hit on Download.

This won’t hurt or cause any problems or be a threat to your personal computer. Just press Download Anyway, and the file will start downloading.

The file is now available whenever you want to download it.

All right! We are done. Our file is downloading now. It might take a while, depending on your internet connection speed.

That should Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error. This solution operates and has worked for us in the past. You may download macOS High Sierra VMware & VirtualBox Image or macOS Catalina VMware & VirtualBox Image or all files from that stage. If this method doesn’t work for you, we have prepared another technique to help you Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error. So continue reading!

I hope you can fix the error of Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded). If you have any queries or suggestions, or thoughts, comment below.

Way 2: Fix Google Drive Download Limit (Quota Exceeded) Error

To get started, navigate into Google Drive and sign-up if you haven’t already done so. A Google account is required for this particular method.

First, find and head to the file you would like to download. We need to modify the web page to be accessible for download. In this case, we will Download MacOS Mojave VMware Image – Latest Version.

When the file is located, browse the address bar, choose and select ‘drive/folders,’ and then delete it.

We will replace it with ‘file/d,’ then hit enter and allow the page to refresh.

Your screen will change, and you need to see a file preview page below. Then click on the menu icon in the right corner.

From the menu, choose ‘add star.’

Now, we want to head to your own Google Drive. Here, we need to make a new folder and select any name you want. Just bear in mind the name. I will call mine ‘MyDownloadedStuff.’ We will utilize it in the next few steps.

Once your folder is created, scroll down, and on the left side, pick ‘Starred‘ from the listing.

We can now move over to the file we would like to download. Select it again and Click on it. A menu will pop up, and we want to select ‘Add shortcut to Drive.

You’ll be asked for a location to add the shortcut. This is when you want to go to the new folder you have just generated. Click ‘Add Shortcut

After the shortcut is made, move back, and pick the new folder you had created (mine is called MyDownloadedStuff). Right-click on the folder and choose download.

EDIT (11/25/20) Now you want to download the entire folder. Single file download Isn’t working for most users!


You will notice a download notification at the bottom right corner of the browser. This will begin the procedure for compressing the document into a zip, and then it will automatically download it. Based on the file size, this can be slow. Sometimes quite gradual, but it is going to get the job done.

I hope that you find this helpful tutorial. If you are having difficulty following the measures, watch the Youtube video below, it will walk you through the whole process.

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