Shortly, Apple may hold a new presentation, which is supposed to include AirPods 3. We already have the first real AirPods 3 photo. The closer the event’s date, the greater the opportunity for various insiders to get a prototype or a real production copy of the device. Blogger LeaksApplePro succeeded: he shared the first real AirPods 3 photo and the new charging case on his Twitter. The photos are very similar to the real ones, so the next generation of AirPods will probably go on sale soon. Just look at them!

AirPods 3 photo

What the new AirPods will look like!

AirPods 3 Photo

The design of the AirPods has remained largely unchanged since their release in 2016, but it’s now clear that things will change this year. After Apple released the original AirPods, their unique design quickly became visible around the world. Long legs were one of the design elements that made them so recognizable.

The second-generation AirPods were released in 2019, when Apple added support for wireless charging and “Hey Siri,” but the earbuds’ design remained unchanged. Later that year, Apple added Active Noise Canceling AirPods Pro to its lineup. They were very different from earlier models thanks to their shorter legs, and it looks like this design will be the basis of the next generation of AirPods. Analyst Min Chi Ko first reported this and later confirmed it by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Now we see that they were right.

AirPods 3: Here’s Everything We Know About Them

AirPods 3 photo

These are really interesting AirPods

AirPods 3 photo

Charging case like AirPods Pro

How AirPods 3 differ from AirPods Pro?

The updated entry-level AirPods will be similar in design to the current AirPods Pro with a shorter stem. Not visible in the photo, but it is expected that they will also have interchangeable ear pads in different sizes. Apple could also improve battery life. However, this model won’t have AirPods Pro features like noise cancellation or transparency mode.

First real AirPods 3 photo. More info about their new product. TechRechard

Of course, Apple is taking a big risk by releasing two pairs of headphones that are identical in design but differ in functionality. Even if noise cancellation remains an AirPods Pro exclusive, how important will it be if regular AirPods have a secure in-ear fit that insulates much better than current AirPods? Yes, it will not be active, but passive noise cancellation, but many now wear “plugs,” and they have enough sound insulation. The noise-canceling and passive soundproofing that the AirPods Pro design provides made them unique compared to AirPods. Now half of that will be gone. Which headphones would you prefer? Please write in the comments section below.

A striking example of such “cannibalism” Apple devices – iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The smartphones came out almost identical except for the screen size. As a result, the iPhone 12 mini is rarely bought. Apple is reducing its production while increasing the release of the iPhone 12 Pro, which has become more popular. In the case of AirPods, it works the same way, just the opposite. If Apple releases inexpensive AirPods 3 in the style of AirPods Pro, the latter will only be bought by those for whom active noise cancellation and maximum isolation from external noise is important.

When will AirPods 3 come out?

AirPods 3 photo

AirPods 3 renders, which also lit up today on the web

Apple may unveil a new generation of AirPods at its next presentation, which is expected to occur on March 23rd. Likely, the company will also unveil the next generation AirPods Pro and a new iPad mini. There are rumors about AirTags, but I have vowed not to write about them again until Apple officially unveils its search beacons. Otherwise, everything will happen like with AirPower.

By the way, it was in the spring that Apple announced the release of the second-generation AirPods. True, then the company limited itself to only a press release. But the design of the headphones has not changed either. So we look forward to a full presentation.

AirPods 3: Here’s Everything We Know About Them

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