Dog lovers who are fans of Microsoft’s most popular games will appreciate this fresh Christmas ad.

Global brands compete to create fun Christmas videos from year to year, and tech companies are also eager to participate in the celebrations. Microsoft releases these videos every year, but this year it has perhaps even surpassed all of its previous work.

A Dog’s Dream tells the story of a dog named Rufus. He is very bored at home while the rest of the family go about their business – playing video games (adults in Halo and Flight Simulator, a child in Minecraft) and holding work hangouts in Microsoft Teams. After exchanging glances with a friend/girlfriend through the window, Rufus peacefully falls asleep on the couch. He drowns in his dreams, where he and his friends hold business video conferences and have fun in video games.

Just look at the reaction of the Master Chief when one of the dogs returns the grenade he just threw.

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"Find your joy." Microsoft has released a kind Christmas video with dogs frolicking in Halo, Minecraft and Flight Simulator TechRechard

In the video description, Microsoft notes that this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration is not going as usual. Still, the company’s games and services allow you to stay in touch with loved ones and enjoy life by playing games.

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