Find My Things in iOS 14.3: we no longer hoped that Apple would release AirTags search beacons. As already in the released iOS 14.3, the company (probably not on purpose) added an Easter egg that hints at this device’s imminent release. Moreover, any user can access it using the Safari browser – readers were among the first to notice the new function.

The function, which was supposed to appear later, became available to everyone.

Find My Things in iOS 14.3

If you open the Latitude app, everything will be as usual for you – just a list of devices with the ability to find each of them, block them remotely, erase them, and so on. However, if you know the special address and type it into the Safari browser’s address bar, you can access hidden items in Latitude. To do this, enter the following URL in Safari:


The “Things” menu will open, displaying the icons of a clock, a backpack, and even a bicycle, and a button “Add an item.” When you click on the button, “Find My Things” starts, but nothing happens since you probably do not have devices that can be added to the Locator (AirTags?). Moreover, the function is still at the testing stage.

Find My Things in iOS 14.3 - Here's How to Enable it
Find My Things in iOS 14.3 – Here’s How to Enable it

The first screenshots of this feature were shown back in 2019. Now it looks like all users can unofficially access the secret page through Safari.

Find My Things in iOS 14.3 - Here's How to Enable it
Find My Things in iOS 14.3 – Here’s How to Enable it

Rumor has it that Apple will soon introduce a new small tracker that will compete with other search beacons like Tile. It will work using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is not yet available in other similar devices, helping reduce the error when searching for an object to a few centimeters. All beacons will be displayed in the Locator app to help you track valuable items. Apple itself leaked information about AirTags last year.

When will AirTag come out?

On the web, they immediately began to say that the find in iOS 14.3 indicates the imminent release of AirTags, but everything may be just the opposite. The iOS prompt says “follow the instructions of its (item) manufacturer,” meaning that you can add, for example, another brand of headphones, a speaker, a watch, or even a bicycle to Locator.

Of course, nothing prevents Apple from releasing AirTags and adding them to Latitude in the same way.

Why AirTags are needed?

Why bother with Apple’s search beacons? For example, you can attach such a thing (or just put it) to a backpack, bag, keys, bicycle, or even a car. All current beacons can work only at a very short distance from the device they are looking for, while AirTag’s detection range is not limited by anything. And this will be their main feature. You can find any device, even if it is in the distance hundreds of kilometers away from you.

Interestingly, this easter egg is not limited to beta software and works with public versions of iOS 14. Usually, Apple does not allow this, and all leaks are in beta for developers. As a rule, this does not reach release versions. Do you think this is a deliberate leak, or are Apple engineers just not recovering from the holidays?

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