Renowned filmmaker Matti Haapoja had the opportunity to test Apple’s Vision Pro at WWDC and expressed his enthusiasm for the device, particularly its potential impact on filmmaking, storytelling, and content creation. Haapoja, who boasts over a million YouTube subscribers, took to Twitter to share his excitement about the immersive experience provided by the Vision Pro headset.

Haapoja described the feeling of “being there” on stage while using the device, with memories coming to life as he explored various locations he had previously visited. The filmmaker highlighted the underwater experience, where he relived the moment of diving with sharks, showcasing the headset’s ability to evoke powerful emotions and vivid memories.

What captured Haapoja’s attention was the announcement that Final Cut Pro would be available for editing in augmented reality (AR) on the Vision Pro. He mentioned using eye movements and gestures for editing, comparing the iconic film “Minority Report” and its futuristic interface.

While Haapoja did not specify whether Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro would function as an external monitor and input device for a Mac or if it would run a different version of the software tailored for visionOS, iMore suggests that the required memory capacity points toward the former theory. However, the filmmaker speculated that Apple might have adapted the recently released iPad version of Final Cut for spatial computing on the headset.

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Haapoja acknowledged that if the iPad version of Final Cut Pro is used, it may inherit some limitations, such as the need to copy projects to the internal memory instead of working directly from an external drive, restricting the project sizes that can be handled. Additionally, the transition between working on a project across different devices may be limited.

Despite these considerations, Haapoja expressed his eagerness to explore editing in Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro, highlighting the potential for a genuinely immersive editing experience. He invited others to share their thoughts on the concept and the possibility of envisioning themselves editing in Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro.

As Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology, filmmakers and content creators eagerly await the launch of Vision Pro and the innovative possibilities it may unlock for their craft.


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