The fitness tracker Mi Band can be called one of the most successful developments of Xiaomi specialists. In 2019, the 4th model of the fitness bracelet sold 1 million pieces in just 8 days. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company decided to release a new version of this device. How can the Mi Band 5 interest sports and outdoor enthusiasts?

Appearance and ergonomics

This bracelet has a capsule shape and a silicone strap. For the manufacture of the case, matte plastic was used. The front side of the device is protected by glass with curved edges. The device’s design is unremarkable, but the owner of the Mi Band can install a third-party strap.

The model is protected from water, which means that it can be taken when going to the shower or pool. However, swimming with a fitness bracelet in the sea and jump from a tower is not recommended. After all, due to saltwater and pressure surges, electronics will quickly fail.

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On the back of the device, you can see biometric sensors and magnetic charging contacts. The bracelet comes with a charging clip (connection via USB). The owner of the device does not need to remove the strap to replenish the battery.

Mi Band is lightweight and hardly felt on the wrist. Another plus is the headband adjustment margin.

Display and control features

New version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5: features of the popular fitness bracelet and its capabilities

The most noticeable improvement over the previous model is the 20% larger screen—diagonal – 1.1 inches. As for the resolution, it is 126×294 pixels. High contrast and energy efficiency are provided by a matrix made using AMOLED technology. The presence of an anti-reflective coating ensures that images are clear and legible even under the scorching sun. But in terms of color, Mi Band 5 is noticeably inferior to its predecessor. Touch control on display. Below is the Home button.

Application and features

The larger display makes viewing notifications on the bracelet more convenient. But you can’t answer SMS from the device.

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The novelty can act as a remote control while shooting with the camera. Previous version owners had to install a dedicated app to add this functionality.

With the help of a proprietary program, a person gets access to the capabilities that Mi Fit has. For example, you can familiarize yourself with the proposed watch faces, select the appropriate option, configure notifications, start night mode, activate the screen, and unlock your smartphone using Mi Band 5.

New version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5: features of the popular fitness bracelet and its capabilities

The program collects training statistics, provides visual infographics. A total of 11 modes are available, including “treadmill,” “skipping rope,” “power walking,” “orbitrek.”

During the activities, the device measures the heart rate, counts the calories burned, the number of steps taken, and the distance traveled. But that is not all. With this device, you can track your menstrual cycle, control stress, and breathing.

Would you like to become the owner of such a fitness bracelet?

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