Most modern people living in apartments and private houses think about safety first. And therefore, the installation of CCTV cameras is a hot topic. When installing cameras, no one thinks about whether it is legal. The issue is especially acute regarding the installation of hidden cameras. It is forbidden to put a hidden camera in public places. But in private ownership, this issue is controversial.

Is the installation of hidden cameras allowed?

The law and articles on video surveillance have long been outdated. And therefore the question may cause confusion. For example, the old law says that it is prohibited to receive and use information taken from hidden cameras. It is also prohibited by law to buy such devices, since they are considered spyware and cannot be purchased in regular stores. The problem is also that smartphones with a built-in camera are considered spy phones. Therefore, all smartphone owners can be called offenders. In general, if the camera is installed inside the house, then it is not considered an offense.

Can I install a hidden camera and conduct secret video?

There are no restrictions on the installation of simple cameras. But installing hidden can be considered an offense. The installation of hidden devices in private sectors is not prohibited by law. The main thing is not to violate the conditions:

  1. Cameras should always be on private property.
  2. All households and employees should be aware of the installation of hidden cameras.
  3. Tracking devices are installed in specific locations. It is prohibited by law to put them in small household items, even in a pen.Features of installing hidden cameras at home

That is, the installation of cameras to spy on people is considered illegal. Using information taken from hidden cameras, a person turns into an offender. In some cases, a house with cameras can be rented out. When renting out, the owner of the house must add a clause on video cameras to the contract. Otherwise, illegal installation and use of captured files will result in 4 years in prison.

When are hidden cameras installed?

Features of installing hidden cameras at home

There are many reasons that push a person to install hidden devices in the private sector. Among them, it is worth highlighting the most basic:

  1. Supervising the work of domestic staff such as housekeepers, a construction crew doing renovations or babysitting.
  2. In order to determine the reason for the loss of valuable things.
  3. To identify or refute adultery.
  4. To monitor the condition of a sick relative who is being treated at home.
  5. To quickly identify burglars who broke into your home.

Before installing, it is worth finding out if the given event is legal.

Do you have security cameras at home?

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