Modern people have a large selection of electronic devices. Some use smartphones for communication and entertainment, while others use stationary PCs. There are also quite a few people who choose a laptop. Technology such as bluetooth allows you to receive files from your mobile phone or listen to your favorite tracks in wireless headphones. And many laptop owners are wondering how to find Bluetooth and get it running.

Checking for module presence

Features of finding and turning on Bluetooth on a laptop: a few simple instructions

The mass installation of bluetooth modules on laptops began in the mid-2000s. If a person has purchased a device manufactured in 2010 or a newer version, then he may not even doubt the presence of a wireless interface there. If the laptop was released earlier than 2010, you could familiarize yourself with the model’s characteristics on the manufacturer or dealers’ website. MacBook owners may not even check anything, since even the first model, which went on sale in 2006, was equipped with a bluetooth module.

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Turn on Bluetooth on Windows devices.

There are 2 options here. And each is worth considering in more detail.

Features of finding and turning on Bluetooth on a laptop: a few simple instructions

Keyboard buttons

On many laptop models, you can see the Fn button on the keyboard. It and the F1-F12 keys in the top row allow you to launch special functions. You need to scrutinize the F1 – F12 button. If one of them has a “Bluetooth” icon, you need to click on it together with Fn.

Sometimes Bluetooth is started/disabled along with Wi-Fi. This happens through the “Flight mode.” Then you should find next to the Wi-Fi sign and click on it – the first time with Fn and the second without it.

Using OS

Those using Windows 10 should do this:

  • Pay attention to the lower right corner of the screen (next to the clock).
  • Click on “Notification Center” there.
  • Then select Bluetooth. The button should become bright. The appearance of the inscription “Not included” indicates that no Bluetooth device has yet been paired with the laptop. To add them, you need to click on “Go to parameters.” A window will open, and it will be clear whether the Bluetooth module is connected or not. All that remains is to start searching for other gadgets.
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If Windows 7 is installed on the laptop, then a slightly different instruction will do. It would help if you looked for the “bluetooth” icon in the notification area, which is not far from the clock. If there is such an icon, you need to click on it, then turn on the adapter, click on the corresponding item.

If there is no icon, you will have to add it. This is done through the “Start.” In the menu that appears, you must stop the selection on “Devices and Printers.” Click on the “My Computer” icon. In the list of devices that appears, select “Bluetooth Settings.” All that remains is to allow bluetooth devices to find the laptop.

Do you often use the bluetooth module on your laptop?


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