The company Facebook decided to update the logo of the Messenger application, and at the same time added several new features to the application.

The visual update is intended to “celebrate our continued evolution from simply messaging to friends on Facebook,” Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of Messenger, wrote in a blog post. The updated icon now uses a gradient from blue to pink instead of a solid blue, which is similar in style to the Instagram icon.

“Our new logo reflects a shift into the future of messaging, a more dynamic, engaging and integrated way to stay in touch with loved ones.”

As for the new features, the application introduces new themes for chatting with more customization options. Selfie stickers will allow users to add icons to their images. In addition, a fade mode is added which removes chats.

It is also expected that Messenger users in North America will be able to interact with Instagram in the near future.

Source: The verge

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