Epic Games Store gives away free ABZU and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam games

By the end of the week, the Epic Games Store digital distribution service has prepared another free distribution of games for its users. This time, users can replenish their collections with projects ABZU and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The giveaway will run until October 15th.

ABZU is a diving adventure in the underwater world. In the game, you will need to plunge into the picturesque world of the ocean, full of mysteries and bright colors. At the same time, you can see unique species of animals, create a connection with sea inhabitants, find ancient secrets that lie in oblivion at the bottom. However, you need to be careful, as in the depths of the sea, the player may be in danger. The name “ABZÛ” is taken from ancient mythologies. “AB” means “water” and “ZÛ” means “to know”. ABZÛ is an ocean of wisdom. Game ABZU can be obtained by next address in the Epic Games Store or through the official client of the service. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the review of this game in one of the previous materials.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a tactical shooter that takes the player back to the war in Vietnam. The game has battles for 64 players, more than 20 maps, 3 game modes, six sides that you can play (each with its own abilities and weapons), more than 50 types of a wide variety of weapons (from rifles and pistols to flamethrowers and grenade launchers). Also, players can independently control military equipment – helicopters “Hugh”, “Cobra”, “Cayus” and “Bushranger”. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is available for free at next page Epic Games Store.

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