Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is currently working on version 3 of its RNA vaccine printer, manufactured for CureVac. He reads that it will be “an important product for the world.”

Earlier this year, Elon Musk announced that Tesla had become a manufacturing partner for the German biotech company CureVac, working on a COVID-19 vaccine based on its own RNA technology. Musk then noted that Tesla would “build micro-RNA factories for the CureVac.”

Tesla teamed up with CureVac to patent a revolutionary “RNA bioreactor.” According to the idea, Tesla will create an automated system for printing RNA and deploy it worldwide.

CureVac has found a way to stabilize the RNA molecule and ensure its delivery into the body to fight certain diseases. The company has worked to treat various influenza strains but is now focusing on COVID-19 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The company recently entered the second phase of clinical trials.

Despite the importance of this area, Elon Musk does not expect a big impact on its financial results.

“I really expect this to be an important product for the world, but probably not materially for Tesla,” he said.

Tesla will, of course, be compensated for setting up vaccine “micro-factories” if the project is successful. But Musk says investors shouldn’t take that into account.

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Source: electrek

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